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How to Set Up a Bike Ramp

If you’re an avid BMX or mountain biker, having a good ramp setup is essential to doing tricks and getting air. Fortunately, setting up a bike ramp is relatively easy – all you need is basic carpentry skills and a few materials. In this article, we’ll walk you through setting up a bike ramp so you can start shredding in no time!

Choose the Right Location

One of the most important things to consider when setting up a bike ramp is the location. You want to ensure the ramp is in a safe spot where riders can easily get to it and won’t be in the way of pedestrians or other traffic. A good location for a bike ramp is on a path or trail that is already popular with cyclists. This way, you know there will be people interested in using the ramp, and it won’t be an obstacle for others.

When choosing your bike ramp location, consider the surrounding area. Is there a landing zone nearby where riders can safely dismount? Is there enough space around the ramp so riders won’t be cramped using it? And importantly, is the surface of the landing zone level firm? A soft surface like grass or sand can make it difficult to control your bike and lead to accidents.

Once you’ve found the perfect location for your bike ramp, it’s time to start setting it up!

Gather Your Materials

You will need a few materials before setting up your bike ramp. Most importantly, you will need something to use as the ramp itself. This could be a piece of plywood, a board, or even a stack of books. You will also need some tape or glue to attach the ramp to whatever surface you use. Finally, you will need something to use as padding at the ramp’s end, so your bike does not get damaged when you land. Old towels or a mattress work well for this.

Now that you have all your materials, you are ready to start setting up your bike ramp!

Build the Ramp

Building a bike ramp is a fun and easy project for the whole family. Here are a few tips on setting up your bike ramp.

  1. Choose a location for your ramp. You’ll want to pick a flat and level spot with enough room for the ramp and riders to maneuver around.
  2. Measure and mark out the dimensions of your ramp. Use lumber or other materials to create a frame for your ramp, ensuring everything is level and secure.
  3. Cover the frame with plywood or another sturdy material. Make sure the surface is smooth and even, with no nails or sharp edges sticking out.
  4. Paint or decorate your ramp however you like! This is the fun part – let your creativity shine through.
  5. Now it’s time to test it out! Get your bike and helmet, and have a blast riding down your new ramp!

Test the Ramp

After you have built your bike ramp, it is important to test it out to ensure it is safe and stable. To do this, you will need a few things: a bike, a helmet, and someone to hold the ramp steady while you ride.

First, position the ramp to point downhill and secure it at the top with either sandbags or a friend. Then, put on your helmet and get on your bike. Start from a slow roll, ride up the ramp and back down again. If everything feels good, then you are ready to ride!



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