How to set up the ultimate training course

Speed ladders, Hurdles, and other types of agility training equipment make it easy for you to plan various workouts for your particular fitness level and goals. For the most part, sports schools or gyms will provide these features for a fee. However, nothing compares to the storage options of those high prices! Here are a few tips on how to start or finish your own DIY home workout area.

Trainers & exercises

All trainees should have good levels of fitness and skills before getting into an exercise class. If you’re like me, exercising on a daily basis (such as going to the gym) just isn’t what you wanted. I’ve been looking for an alternative, yet high-intensity workout that I can do at home. I found it exactly for me with this great 8 week home workout course! You’ll get exactly what you need for your workouts with these 4 DVDs and 2 ebooks, which include lots of exciting activities and even some new workouts in my exclusive guide “35 different strength training exercises!”.

How to train your clients

Train regularly and with passion. You need to maintain your personal training or instructing business, with one goal in mind: remain visible. If you are doing the work all day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, marketing and branding yourself becomes much more important. People will know when they see your name on something-whether it’s seasonal giveaways, social media campaigns-that they have found a true expert.


To set up the ultimate training course, start with some basics. Training markers, agility training sets and training cones are less-expensive fitness gear that helps get you an overall idea of what you need in order to complete your workouts.  Equipment is one of the key components that can make or break an exercise routine. When you are starting out, investing in decent equipment (such as a mat and a strap) will ensure that your training session goes smoothly. Investing in quality supplements like protein powder packs and bars will allow you to fully customise your diet while on the go.

Tags and playlists

Creating playlists for your training course sets up your video content for ease of access and makes the content more interactive for people to be able to share it and connect with the training. It is also easy to search, compile, export, and share these playlists with other people.

Setting up an online training course

Setting up a training course doesn’t have to be difficult. This guide breaks everything down into easy steps so that you can create your own training course and offer it at an affordable price.


You know a few people in your group who are eager to achieve success, but they need a push. You also know how talented all of them are and many of them could go on to be top performers within the company. Whatever course you set up, you will have laid the perfect foundation for future success when you move on to that rewarding role in the company or industry.

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