How To Solve Windows Error 0x80070015 Code?

Windows devices can face the error code due to a number of issues. Error code 0x80070015 appears when the service can’t get the required files. It occurs when the file is not available or gets corrupted. You should inspect the error and repair the Windows error codes.

Common causes behind Windows error code 0x80070015:

  1. The device gets into a runtime error
  2. Your device is facing a malware infection
  3. You have a malicious program
  4. System files are corrupted
  5. Low hard disk space on Windows device
  6. Invalid changes on your Windows settings page
  7. Lots of junk files on the device

Troubleshooting Windows error code 0x80070015

Restart the Windows device

While running the system if you get 0x80070015 code unexpectedly then check for run time error. The Windows error mostly appears when it can’t access the required file. It occurs when all the resources are preoccupied. You should check for the runtime error on your Windows device. But finding it manually is not easy. Instead, reboot the device. Rebooting will make all the resources free. Now resume your work on the Windows device reliably.

Remove the malware from your device

The user may face Windows 10 error code 0x80070015 due to malware infection. Viruses can corrupt various processes on the device. When you get the Windows error code on the system; check for the malware infection. But detecting the malware manually is not simple. You can’t judge whether the file. You should run the Windows Defender tool which can scan the whole system for malware. If the device has any viruses; the Defender will detect and remove them. After completing the scanning, restart your computer and check for Windows-related errors.

Remove the junk files from Windows 10

Devices can show the error codes when the running services are getting interrupted by other files. Junk files of the system often start interrupting the processes. The user should remove all the junk which can interrupt the processes. For the junk files, check the temp folder. Go to the folder and remove all the files. Now go to your C drive and search for files that are not in use. Delete those files and then check for your Windows 10 error. When the user can’t find the junk files manually then you can go for the Windows junk cleaner. Your device provides an inbuilt utility cleanmgr for cleaning the junk. When the user runs this tool, it starts inspecting the files. It lists out the junk files on your Windows 10 PC. Now select the junk files and delete them. After cleaning the device, your Windows device will start working reliably.

Check the hard-disk 

Your system may start showing Windows errors when the hard disk space is very low. Every application requires some amount of hard disk to work. When the space is low; the program can’t work properly. Whenever any function can’t get enough resources; it will show the error. The user should check the device space for the error. Increase the free hard-disk space by uninstalling the unnecessary apps. On PC, go to the Apps folder. Check your installed programs and then remove the unnecessary apps. After removing the apps; your system will get good space on the system. Now run the service on the system and check for the Windows error.

Undo your recent changes on the system

If the error code 0x80070015 is appearing after editing some device settings then revert time. Sometimes, users edit some settings and then Windows files get into issues. You should go to the same settings page and then undo all the recent changes. But change them only if you remember the default settings. When you don’t remember the default values, try restoring tools. You can run this tool only when you know the correct restoring point. Without it, you can’t restore the system settings. Go to the device and then check for the restoring point. Run the system restore tool and undo the recent changes on Windows 10. Now restart the PC and run your apps. Msvcp140.dll file is responsible for running certain Windows apps and games. If msvcp140.dll missing download and fix the erro

Repair the system files

Windows PC shows errors when its system files are not working. You have to inspect and fix them. Instead of finding the files manually, run sfc/scannow too. It will detect and repair files on the device. When the Windows error 0x80070015 is still appearing then get help.


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