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How to Take Care of Your Printed Tees

Having a favorite shirt is common, especially for boys. But constantly wearing your beloved shirt builds up stains, and the colors fade in time. How can you protect it from getting faded or brittle with the abuse of wearing it and washing it? Here are some tips to protect your favorite t-shirt.


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Getting dirt on your shirt is inevitable when going outside. Washing it puts stress not only on the fabric but also on the stitches and the print. If you don’t wash it right, you either won’t clean the dirt well or worse, you can damage the shirt. Here are some suggestions:

  1. What to Avoid

    1. Hot Water damages the print and fades the color, so always wash it in cold water.
    2. Heated Drying – like hot water, heat drying will damage the print and fabric. Normal air drying will do.
    3. Color Mixing – separate the light-colored ones from the dark ones. Some clothes’ color bleeds when washed, so watch out for that. 
    4. Strong Detergent – having strong stain power also makes the color of the fabric fade faster. Always read the label of your detergents and the tab of your shirt.
    5. Bleach – yes, nothing is as toxic as bleach for any garments. We use it for getting stains out of white clothes. But if your shirt is not white, better not use this product. It will do more harm than good.
    6. Regular Washing – unless you have the same shirt in your wardrobe, it is forgivable to wash it after use. But if you are a low-maintenance person, and the shirt is not soiled when you wear it. You can wear it again; check for odors before you do it.
  1. Hand Wash vs. Machine Wash

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Hand washing has a sense of care when you clean your clothes. It is laborious and time-consuming. Yet, you can be thorough in cleaning without damaging the shirt. Machine wash is excellent in cleaning clothes in bulk. 80% to 90% of them clean well depending on the detergent and water level. The tossing and tumbling of the clothes may cause some damage to some clothes. 

Remember to invert or put it inside out to protect the print and the fabric’s color. Whether hand washing or tossing it in the washing machine. Always remember to read the tabs and separate them.


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Nothing looks good like a pressed shirt. You need to be careful when ironing your printed shirts. You can iron the reverse side or use a piece of wax paper to cover the printed side. Using high heat will improve the print adhesion to the garment by remelting it. Ironing makes any garment look fresh, but be mindful it may burn and ruin your shirt if done wrong.

Avoiding Stains

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Stains are problems with both plain and printed shirts. But on printed shirts, it is most challenging to get off. When removing stains, make sure to use gentle detergent and stain remover. But avoiding getting one is much better.

Stains are impossible to remove on fabrics or ruin the print from inks and dyes that are permanent. Stains from coffee, wines, plants, and animal juices discolor the material. So if you want to preserve the quality of your shirt, avoid these.

Removing Stains

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If you stain your shirt, be sure to have some home stain removers. Stain removers like lemons, cream of tartar, you can find at home, or some formulated stain remover. Every stain has its stain remover. You can look online for some home remedies or go to the store for mild stain remover. 

Remember not to use chlorine base because chlorine is very harsh in colors. Always look for anything oxygenated or non-chlorine-based formulas. Stubborn as they are, but if you have the right recipe, you can remove the stain like it was never there.

Keeping It Brand New

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Following these techniques will help you preserve the quality of your printed shirt. Please make sure you always invert it when you wash it and have some mild stain removers for emergencies. One excellent technique is always having a couple of the same shirt.

Having two or three same printed shirts will lessen the frequency of washing one. Also, having a spare if ever you ruin one, you can change to another shirt, and no one will notice. But if it is a one-of-a-kind event t-shirt. Then being careful is always a better way to preserve that signature look.

Making the Signature Look Last

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