How to Take the Perfect Picture of Clothing at Home?

I feel the need to emphasize that employing models or mannequins is the best approach for taking images of clothing before I discuss how to take pictures of clothes at home without using a mannequin.

It may take a long time to find the right model for a photo shoot and to plan the date of the shoot. Anything that can be shown using a mannequin is considered a model.

Although there is no assurance that doing so would result in cost savings, doing so would diminish the effect of your product presentation.

Therefore, developing a method for photographing apparel without a mannequin will take some time.

However, if you manage a small e-commerce business with a tight budget, using any of these product photography techniques will be out of your price range.

As a result, you will have to restrict yourself to taking inexpensive photos of apparel, just as with the ghost mannequin.

This method of product photography is unrivaled when it comes to photographing garments without the use of a mannequin.

The best thing about using a ghost mannequin service is that you can complete your clothing photography projects without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Without a model or mannequin, it is still feasible to photograph a product, and this article will explain how to accomplish it.

What is the best way to shoot clothing for the best results?

The two most crucial elements in determining an online store’s degree of success are its visual promotion and product sales.

Your sales will suffer if your product does not have an appealing and appealing aesthetic presentation, and you will also suffer. Your sales will rise if your goods do, however, have such a presentation.

Therefore, you must create photographs of your products that are of a high standard, come in full color, are different, and are enticing in order to draw consumers.

How should clothes be photographed at home?

If you have the required skills and tools, you may take clothing shots in your home that are of professional quality.

What type of equipment and materials are you expecting to require? You can find the breakdown here. Removing the backdrop using a small camera and tripod for the lens.

The first step is to place the item of clothing in the background after gathering all of the equipment and materials needed for shooting.

You are allowed to store your clothing on the floor or a table if the color of the surface seems to be suitable. Before we start, you’ll need to set up your lighting and camera.

You could have some difficulty appropriately configuring the lights as a novice. Remember that the light source should be situated at a reasonable distance from you, and make an attempt to reduce unwanted shadows by altering the light’s angle.

After that, because you can do it at home, you won’t need a mannequin to photograph apparel. You will be in charge of post-production work using photoshop clipping path service once the photography phase of the project is over. As a result, the pictures you took of your clothing will be prepared for online upload.

When clothing is hanging on a hanger, how should it be photographed?

It is customary to take pictures of clothing when it is hanging on a hanger. You may save money by using a hanger rather than spending more money on more costly mannequins, which is a big benefit.

It just takes three easy steps to snap a picture of clothing that is hanging on a hanger.

  • Step 1: Hang the clothing up on a hanger

Your clothing should be hung on a hanger first, and then the hanger should be secured to the wall using a rope or a pin.

Maintaining the quality of your apparel over time is crucial. Make careful to smooth out any wrinkles in your clothing before the photo shoot.

  • Step 2: Take Pictures

The second stage involves mounting light sources on both the right and left sides. If you just have one source of light available, you should position it such that it doesn’t create an excessive number of shadows.

Step 3: Successfully Finishing the Post-Production Work

You can’t provide your piece of clothing with an alluring look that will draw clients if you don’t engage in post-production labor.

The “ghost mannequin” service will prove to be the most helpful photo-editing tool you have when taking pictures of clothing.

Final Words

One of the easiest and least expensive methods for shooting clothing is to employ a flat-lay setup. Customers often second-guess their purchases since they can’t fully see how things will look on them once they’ve put them on.

As a result, the images need to be crystal clear and appealing. This makes this specific kind of photography ideal for anybody who is just starting out in business and has a limited spending capacity.

Photographers absolutely need to have access to this sort of gear while photographing a product like a T-shirt or other piece of apparel.


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