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How to talk about menstruation? A guide to help you

Ever felt like talking to someone about periods but didn’t know how? You are not alone. Many young girls have trouble opening up about menstruation. While you may feel embarrassed or scared, remember it is important to be vocal about your periods and period cycle

Why is talking about menstruation important?

Talking about menstruation in public can be awkward, but it is a part of your health and well-being. Speaking with people about periods will open doors to a healthy conversation so you can learn from others. They can guide you on maintaining menstrual hygiene and suggest ways to handle issues like period pain and cramps. 

Here are some tips on how to talk about your period cycle openly. 

With your parents or relative 

Your adult family members (especially your mom) will likely be among the first to know about your period. Adults are familiar with periods and can act as a pillar of support. 

There might be a generation gap between them and you, but having a period talk with them will make them realise that you need another type of guidance. You need to be treated as a young woman. It will break the ice and make conversations more comfortable.

Here are some ideas for you on how to strike up a conversation with them: 

  • You can text or write a letter to your parents if you are uncomfortable telling them about your periods in person. This is the first step to being able to talk about periods face-to-face. 
  • Ask your parents a question to open the conversation casually. 

With your friends 

Periods are natural. Every woman in puberty goes through many physical and hormonal changes, and getting periods is one of them. Therefore, conversations about periods can pop up in your friend’s circle sooner or later. 

You should try and discuss with your friends about your menstrual cycle with and share your experiences. The more they understand periods, the more they will believe that menstruation is not weird or gross. 

Here are some ideas on how to strike up a conversation about periods with your friends: 

  • Talk about anything weird or unexpected during your last period and ask if they have experienced the same thing. 
  • Don’t focus on the negatives of getting a period. Discuss the positives of getting a period. 
  • Share any articles or new facts you have learned about dealing with periods. 

At your school 

Someone will get their period at school and be unprepared for it. This is an excellent opportunity to talk about periods openly, especially with boys. You can seek the help of your teacher to educate your peers about menstruation and normalise the conversation around them. 

If you are worried about having an unexpected period incident at school you can talk to your teacher, and they will help you plan accordingly.

It may feel strange to talk about your periods. Try talking with your mom, older sister, or a best friend you trust. This will help ease you into speaking about menstruation.

Remember, every woman older than you has been there. They know how it feels, and you can learn a lot from their experience. Talking about your first period openly will help you plan and prepare better. You will learn more about health and hygiene, period products and more.

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