How to Unblur an Image: 3 Easy Methods to Try?

A time may occur when you take a picture and then you realize that it is blurry and most people think that the only option that is left is to delete the picture but this is not true there are a lot of tools that can help you to fix the blurry image easily. 

There are a couple of methods that can be used to unblur images. In this article, we have described how to Unblur an image by using  3 different ways including photoshop, an app, and the online tool.  

Method 1. Unblur image online 

Many online services can help you to fix blurry photos easily. This method is the easiest and fastest as compared to other methods. There is no need to download any program or to learn about photo editing and other features. 

Imgkits is among the finest photo editing tool providers that provide all the photo editing tools online free of cost to users. Photo Restoration tools of imgkits work incredibly efficiently to make the photo acceptable in no time.

By using the photo restoration tool you can turn your blurry photo into a high-resolution image and it can also enlarge the photo to a higher resolution image without affecting the original quality. Following are steps that a person can follow to unblur an image by using imgkits:


Step 1. Navigate to imgkits official website and log in by using the “login” option present at the top right side of the screen. 

Step 2. Click  “Photo Restoration” present at the top of the screen.

Step 3. Scroll down and locate the “AI Unblur Image & Image Upscaler” option. 

Step 4. Click on the “Upload image” button and processing will start right away.

Step 5. Within a minute you will get sharpened the image, when you are done choose the “Download” button to save it. 

Method 2. Unblur image using Photoshop

Adobe photoshop program permits the user to sharpen photos as much as they like. In the end, you will have better quality as compared to what you had earlier. 

How to unblur an image by using the sharpen tool of Photoshop?

The sharpen tool of Photoshop helps in sharpening the particular areas easily. To use this tool firstly you have to launch Photoshop on your device and then follow the given steps:

Step 1. Open the blurred image in Photoshop by clicking on the file from the top menu and then choosing the open option.

Step 2. Choose the sharpen tool from the left pane; it is present under the blur tool.

Step 3. Now you just have to click and drag over the photo areas which you want to sharpen. 

Method 3. Unblur image by using an app

There are a lot of apps present on the Google play store and Apple store that can help the users to easily unblur the photos. VSCO is one of the best photo editing apps. Follow the given steps to use VSCO to Unblur an image:

Step 1. Download the app on your Android or iOS device and import the blurred image.

Step 2. Go to the studio view and choose the slider. Now you have to tap the upward arrow present at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 3. All the tools will appear on the screen, select the sharpen tool and adjust the sharpness of the image up to what you want. 


Above three different ways are described that can help a user to unblur photos easily. Imgkits is the best method of all as you don’t need to download any application or program or to learn about photo editing. Imgkits provides a user-friendly interface that can help a layman to unblur a photo without having previous experience. 

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