How to Uninstall Malwarebytes from Windows PC?

Malwarebytes is a popular security program and offers numerous advanced and basic tools. With this security program, the user can secure his device from lots of threats. Using this antivirus on the system will prevent malware infection and improve device performance. The free Malwarebytes offers basic tools. Whenever you require advanced tools, go for the premium Malwarebytes program. Before installing a new setup of Malwarebytes, remove the previous setup. 

  1. Uninstalling Malwarebytes from Windows PC
  2. Open Windows computer and tap on Start
  3. Go to the Apps folder
  4. From the programs, select Malwarebytes
  5. Right-click and select Uninstall button
  6. Users will get the confirmation window
  7. Select Yes button

The setup of your free Malwarebytes will be removed from the system. Now you should check for the new plan of Malwarebytes and get its premium subscription. Install it and then you can use the new program reliably. But some users reported that Malwarebytes setup is showing an error while uninstalling it. You shouldn’t install a new setup before removing the previous Malwarebytes plan.

Reasons behind Malwarebytes uninstallation error:

  1. The system gets into some runtime errors
  2. Viruses are interrupting the changes in the system
  3. Your system is outdated
  4. Junk files are interrupting
  5. The user has another antivirus program
  6. Recent changes are interrupting the processes

Troubleshooting Malwarebytes uninstalled error

Restart your Windows 10 device

Whenever Malwarebytes stopped working Windows 10 or showed any error; the user should immediately restart the system. Restarting the device will troubleshoot various runtime issues. Systems get into runtime error when many programs are running simultaneously. Go to your system and close all programs. Restart the Windows 10 device and go to the Apps folder. Click on the Malwarebytes folder and uninstall it from the system.

Delete junk files from the computer

When you face issues while making any type of changes on the system then you should check for its junk files. These files can cause errors on the device. Go to your computer to open the temp folder. Check the files and remove all of them. After removing temp files, go to the apps to uninstall Malwarebytes. If you Fix malwarebytes windows 10 still shows errors then you should inspect other junk files on the device. On PC, check all the drives for junk files. When you can’t search those files, run the clean manager tool. This tool is offered by Windows to clean the device. Go to your run bar to open the command prompt. Now run the cleanmgr on the prompt and wait. The cleaning utility tool of Windows will automatically inspect for files and then show you on the screen. Select the files and then remove them from the system. Once you delete the junk files, restart the PC and uninstall Malwarebytes.

Update your Operating System

If the user is getting issues while updating, installing, or uninstalling the programs on the system then check for the OS update. Error is appearing due to outdated OS. It will show you errors whenever you try to make any changes. Users should immediately check the update of their OS. Go to your computer and then open the Update and Security page. Select the Update button and wait. When the OS gets updated, restart Windows 10 and remove the old Malwarebytes setup.

Further, in windows 10 you can use the command prompt for coding. Command prompt also uses to clear your PC drive such as a USB flash drive. You can also format USB in CMD.

Check for another antivirus program

Your Malwarebytes doesn’t show conflict errors with another antivirus if you have made the correct changes on the setup. But you haven’t made the changes and using both programs together then the error may appear. When you have another antivirus and Malwarebytes is showing an error then disable it. Open the Malwarebytes setup and disable it. Now go to the Apps folder and remove its setup from Windows 10.

Repair the Windows system files

Sometimes the program uninstalling-related error appears when few system files are corrupted. These files are crucial for all tasks. Repairing those files is difficult so the user should ask for help. He can also try running a file checker tool. This Windows 10 utility tool will find corrupted files and then repair them. After repairing system files, you can remove the Malwarebytes setup easily.

Undo the changes

When the user is getting issues on updating or uninstalling after making some changes; undo them. The user is getting errors because the changes on the system are invalid. He can fix the error by undoing the changes. Go to the system and run the restoring tool. After you fix the changes, uninstall the setup from the device and then install a new one.

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