How to Use Pre-Save On Streaming Platforms

It is no secret that streams are the backbone of an artist’s career these days. The amount of play you get on the major platforms directly influences how much you make. Spotify is always looking for ways to increase streams for their own profit, which also works in favor of smart artists that use Spotify promo services. The pre-save feature gives streaming sites such as Spotify a boost in incoming streams. But how can artists use it to their own advantage?

What Is Spotify Pre-Save, Exactly?

The pre-save feature is designed to promote an artist’s releases even before they drop. This is an excellent strategy for marketing your music. It guarantees playback and saves you on a release. The feature employs a smart link that allows fans to add your music to their collection. Furthermore, it makes any new release available to play as soon as it is officially released. This works for singles as well as album releases.

How Pre-Save Can Help an Artist

The concept of pre-ordering items before their release is a well-established and commonly used feature in business. The pre-save feature applies the same strategy to major streaming services. Allowing fans and followers to store your release in advance makes it easy for them to easily find it because it will be added to their music libraries and playlists once it is available. Using pre-save will hype a release greatly and generate a lot of momentum for streams and plays from the moment it is launched. Pushing your releases for maximum effect is the main goal, but the pre-save feature has many additional benefits for an artist.

• Pre-Save Increases Your Platform Presence

Pre-save is not alerting your fans and followers. It also increases your profile visibility for other listeners to find you. On Spotify, releases that have a high number of pre-saves are added to curated playlists. These playlists have thousands or even millions of followers. In addition, the tracks will be available to the platform editors. They will use the algorithm to push the track even more.

• Create Excitement For A New Release

An additional benefit of using pre-save on a streaming website is that it helps with generating massive interest in your new track or album.

Take Your Music Engagement To The Next Level

With pre-save, you will effectively promote your music to gain more listeners. Data shows that pre-save pages are very effective in gaining plays, listeners, engagement, and profile interaction long after a track has been made public.

This works with the established algorithms, allowing your released music to build momentum with casual users who may not be following you already.

With pre-save, an artist increases their visibility on media platforms. Music is art, but it is also business. A smart artist takes advantage of any feature to advertise their music using any tools or platforms that y are available. Pre-save is one such marketing strategy.

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