How to use WordPress WooCommerce themes 10 ways

Nowadays WooCommerce is becoming more popular. Most of your clients are ready to make their online store, but the only problem they face is that not all WordPress templates are suitable for this ecommerce solution. If you can’t find a template suitable for selling things online, then Premium WP templates will be your best choice.You can also check out Elementor. The popular site building platform features a powerful WooCommerce website builder with which you can create an online store from scratch, code free. But there are other options too. So let’s see what you can do with your website using WooCommerce themes, plugins and all extensions for this WordPress ecommerce plugin.

1. Sell the same products on the single site . 

You know that making an online store is not enough to sell things, but you should also offer something more. So, if you want to increase client’s interest and make things easier for them, sell the same products in your shop and in articles on your blog or website. So the visitors get everything they need from one source.

2. Sell downloadable items . 

You can set a separate page to sell your PDF patterns or you can add it right to your shop. This way you will make things easier for the clients and at the same time they will be more concentrated on your online store.

3. Sell physical and downloadable items . 

Adding both: digital and tangible products, to one website is also a good solution if you want to increase client’s interest in buying something. Of course, it will be more difficult to please them, but the profit will also grow.

4. Sell subscription .

 If you have a blog for sharing information about some products, then it’s a good idea to offer your clients signing up for receiving your newsletters with new tips and bonuses from time to time. So you’ll make your online store look more attractive and also offer something else to the client.

5. Sell membership . 

Sometimes you can offer a free membership to your online store if a customer makes a purchase, but this method isn’t really effective, so it’s better to use paid one. You can add unlimited access or some kind of bonuses for members. This way clients will feel special and ready to pay more money to get access to your content.

6. Sell subscriptions in WooCommerce . 

Even if you only use the free version of WordPress, with some plugins you can add subscription feature right in it. There are several premium plugins for this case too, when WooCommerce is responsible for billing and payments. So all you have to do is to choose the plugin and to set it up.

7. Offer live support .

If you sell services, then live chat is a good solution for your WooCommerce online store. But you can also offer this feature if you use WordPress as a website builder too. So, if the client has some questions about their shopping cart or how they can download something or what they should do if some plugins aren’t working, you’ll be ready to answer their questions and offer your support.

8. Add discount coupons . 

Make sure that your clients are interested in being loyal to your online store too. So, give them a chance to save money by adding an option to use coupon codes for getting access to discounts. You can make some rules for using coupons, like they should be used only one time or they can’t be combined with other offers, but you should at least try this method of increasing the client’s loyalty.

9. Use personalized discount .

 If your clients are loyal to your store and they’ve already made several purchases on it, then you can offer them personalized discount. They will be able to get access to special offers just for being your loyal customers, so they’ll be ready to help you increasing your profit with this kind of strategy too.

10. Add live chat in WooCommerce .

 Only premium WooCommerce themes are responsible for adding live chat feature right in the online store, but you can also use free plugins for this case. So, think about what features are the best if you want to offer chat support for your clients and choose the most suitable plugin.

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