How Video Marketing is Making the World a Better Place

Video Marketing

Whenever you open anything online, you get to watch videos. There are so many, like billions of videos in the online world. People today love to watch videos more than anything to read online. Why? Videos are a time saver. You can see a lot in 2 minutes video than to read a long 2000 words blog post.

Why Are Videos So Popular?

Many established brands, individuals, and upcoming start-ups are taking the creation of videos seriously. It makes the people glued to the screen because the videos are exciting and engaging. The format of videos is easy to digest, and you are free from reading long textual lines. The name of YouTube was nowhere in the market. Suddenly, within 4-5 years, it took a considerable turn worldwide.

The power of video is incredible. It is the best tool for marketing in the current time. Marketing does not depend on videos only, but on content as well. From short to long format videos, what you want to convey through those videos is also important.

People watch videos for many things, and a good video is comprised of the following things:

  • Good script
  • Good camera angle
  • Fluent speaking in front of a camera
  • The presentable and impressive attitude of the camera
  • Great sound quality voice-over
  • Great use of props or background
  • Amazing editing skills

When a brand is making a video about its products, the viewers feel realistic. They can see the product, and hence ROI is much higher when an influencer is making a review video showing the product. The viewers can actually trust the review and decide further whether to buy or not.

In the world of the internet, videos are easy to access. You can make videos, upload videos, and even watch competitive videos of others. To make a video, you need a camera, good lighting, a good script, confidence, and an editing tool. Therefore, video marketing is a tremendously popular concept in marketing strategy.

Different Types of Videos Used in Marketing

Video Marketing contains many types of videos. There are demo videos, review videos, brand introducing videos many more. Making and releasing these videos will take your brand or business to the next level. Now let’s see what all you should do while making Marketing videos.

Demonstrations through videos

A demo video is a type of video in which you will demonstrate how your brand works and how your brand will be good for the consumers.

While making a demonstration video, make sure that you tell only the truth about the product, like if someone told you that they didn’t like your product, say it out loud in the demo video and explain why they didn’t like your product. It will help you make your consumers build trust with you as they will understand that you are legit.

Take Interviews of experts in your field of business.

There are a lot of influencers nowadays. Some specialize in a particular area, and some influencers do all types of videos. So, what you have to do is find an influencer who is into your business industry and make a video with them talking about your products. You can also send your products to some high influencers and ask them to do a promotion video. And for this, you will have to pay them.

Make explanation videos

Make videos in which you explain your products. You can make videos on its uses, the prices, how to use it, how and when it can be used, the pros and cons of the product. As it’s already said, truth is the best key to earn someone’s trust.

You can also make an explanation video on your business, like how and when you got your business idea and how hard you have worked for your business, how far your business has come, etc. It will make people appreciate your effort and most probably become fans of your business and your products.

Make a video combining your customer’s feedbacks.

Customer feedback is an essential thing in business as it will help you get over your errors and mistakes and thrive in the future. So, collect all the feedback you have gotten, let it be good or bad, and make a video out of it. You can also ask the customers who brought from you to make a video of their feedback and send it to you to release them on various social media platforms.

Make a behind the scene video.

Making a behind the scene video will help you gain viewers. You can make videos showing your company or where you are making the products, packing the products, etc. If you want, you can also video how your product travels from your company to the customer’s hand.

Where to Release the Videos

That is not a problem anymore, as social media is the best place to release your marketing videos. Through social media, many businesses have grown. So, yours can too. The first and foremost social media platform which will help you in the process is YouTube. YouTube is nowadays one of the thriving social media platforms.

By posting your videos on YouTube, your business has a high chance of getting a great response. The next platform is Instagram; Instagram has proven to be the most influential business platform ever.

On Instagram, you can even make a business account. You can make reel videos on Instagram, which will surely get you a high number of views. You can also post videos as stories and posts. Using Instagram for video marketing is one of the most brilliant and practical ideas to boost your business.

Then last but not least comes Facebook, another famous social media platform. On Facebook, you can create video stories, Go live and post videos. Using Facebook is also a fantastic idea for video marketing.


So now you know how to make compelling videos, the different types of videos you can make, and where to post or release them. Now all there is to do is start making videos for video marketing of your products.


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