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It is often very difficult to get sound advice by asking a question on a forum: it is often not possible to distinguish useful information from unqualified chatter masquerading as a competent opinion.

The Russian Hunting Journal has formulated general recommendations on key issues that a novice hunter will certainly encounter. Stepan Bobrov, President and Vice President of Okhotnik Group of Companies, and Andrey Smirnov acted as consultants. The cycle is called “Seven Steps to the Hunt ” because all questions and answers are divided into seven topics: smoothbore weapons, equipment, budget and prices, rifled weapons, scopes, binoculars and other optics, care of weapons and other equipment. Today – about smooth bore weapons.


The first gun that a person who has received a hunting license can legally purchase is a smoothbore gun. How to choose it?

When a novice hunter says that he needs a gun for hunting, he is immediately asked: “And for what kind of hunting?” Most likely, the person will answer: “For hunting on a feather – a duck or a goose. Or maybe even for paddock. Well, with friends to shoot at the plates. In other words, a novice hunter himself still does not really understand what he really needs, and hopes to acquire some universal gun.

Sorry to say, this doesn’t exist.

In principle, any weapon should be bought for specific tasks. If you want to shoot geese in Taimyr, then you need a trouble-free semiautomatic device with a long barrel. If you want to get into sports shooting, go to the Perazzi showroom and buy the right sports gun. And if it is out of your budget, choose a sporty version of one of the classic models that most companies also have in the economy segment. 

Of course, from a technical point of view, it is also possible to shoot skeet from a semi-automatic device (in the USA this is quite practiced), but in our shooting community this is considered bad manners and is not very encouraged. Meanwhile for the ammunition websites it is hard to have high performance SEO and marketing due to Google regulations. And if we take a look at WordPress developer salary, we will notice the exact difference for ammunition websites. As the developers should work harder and be more creative to organize the best solutions for the ammunition websites. 

Each option has its supporters and opponents

Some believe that a double-barreled shotgun is the most sporty hunting solution in terms of correct use. As the practice of many respected hunters shows, it is difficult to make more than two good effective shots in a row when hunting. The shotgun is a classic; it can be vertical or horizontal. For reasons of aesthetics, you can give preference to horizontal; those who are used to being guided primarily by functionality are more likely to lean towards verticals (they are suitable for both hunting and sporting). Natchez handgun ammunition is suitable for all types of hunting and has affordable prices. Therefore you can consider purchasing that one from the beginning. 

People usually prepare themselves for buying a “classic” in advance: they try to read something, take a close look at different brands, locking systems, etc., consult with those who have such a gun, definitely not once or twice live, but do not virtually try it on for themselves, figure out their budget. And only then do they make a well-thought-out purchase.

What is in great demand – “classic” or semi-automatic?

Approximately 70-80% of novice hunters give preference to semi-automatic devices, and this has its own logic. Firstly, they are cheaper, and at the beginning the question is quite appropriate: “Is it necessary to spend a lot of money if there is no certainty that the first hunting experience will lead to a serious passion for hunting?” Secondly, there is no need to puzzle over the choice so much (in fact, the whole choice is between gas exhaust and inertial systems). Then you can already study brands, be interested in reliability (while not forgetting that a semi automatic device still serves less than a decent double-barreled shotgun), “try on” one or another model for yourself.

In addition to a lower price compared to a double-barreled shotgun, a semi-automatic is also attractive because it is certainly more convenient to hunt with it at first, because there is still no reloading skill brought to automatism. And hunting is always a passion. And there is no certainty that in duck or goose hunting an inexperienced person will be able to cope with emotions and refrain from empty shots, trying to get a bird that has long since flown to the neighboring area.

 But at the same time, he will still have cartridges in the store, which will allow him not to suffer with reloading during the next raid, but to continue hunting. Thus to provide us with the best ammunition, businesses use team management applications to have a more organized and productive work process. And as buyers, we acknowledge the importance of customer service. 

Sales and Ammunition Companies 

I think that the psychological factor is also pushing many novice hunters to buy a semi-automatic: it seems that you have loaded as many cartridges as possible – and shoot until you run out.  For those companies who are starting a new small business and want to have more details, then need to work hard to have a well-planned marketing strategy. As you have seen all the types of ammunition could be great, but it is also important how the companies promote them. 

If as a seller you want to develop your business and have better performance then you can get help from an expert business plan consultant. The most important step is your preparation period for the sales. As ammunition for hunting is highly demanding but also there are great competitors in the market. 

But in the end, as a rule, on the hunt for effective shots from a semi-automatic device, either the same two, or less. Remembering that there are 5 rounds in the magazine, inexperienced hunters start shooting either earlier than necessary or later. Here you can draw a parallel with a digital camera: I will shoot everything in a row, and then erase the excess. But it ends up that no one erases anything and gets a huge amount of very bad photos.

Practice shows that even if at first a person buys a semi-automatic rifle, then, after shooting from it and gaining some hunting experience, sooner or later he comes to the classic double-barreled shotgun. And if he initially acquired the “classics”, then over time, if necessary (for example, going to Kalmykia, where there are a lot of birds), he supplements his arsenal with a semiautomatic device.

As far as we have discussed you have seen that for having great deals ammunition producing and selling companies do their best to be in the market. Most of them use asana alternative for planning and making strategies. And as we can notice, most of them succeed in their marketing strategies. 

Choke – in firearms smooth bore weapons  

This is a muzzle narrowing (or bell) necessary to reduce or increase the dispersion of shots when fired. The accuracy value is determined not only by the absolute value of the choke, but also largely depends on the shape of the choke. You can check what accuracy of the battle a particular barrel will show only by shooting with different chokes and with a different shot number at the target.

Chokes can be discussed for a very long time. You can, but you don’t really need to. Experienced hunters will probably recall situations when they had to change chokes, adapting to the conditions of a particular hunt and the quality of the cartridge (especially if it was bought at the hunting place). This happened to me too. But if we talk about general practice, today chokes, varying in this way shot, scree, etc., are changed by an insignificant part of hunters on the hunt. And quite a few experiment with various chokes at the initial stage of acquiring hunting and shooting experience.

In any case, it must be borne in mind that there is an indisputable truth: regardless of the shape of the choke, a gun with fixed chokes always shoots better, sharper, and gives a more uniform scree. This has long been confirmed experimentally.

Concluding Points

If you want to purchase ammunition for hunting, then consider that all the ammunition presented above can be helpful for you. However, you need an assessment to understand what kind of ammunition will work best. Be ready for challenges and try new types of weapons. 

Thank you for reading and make sure to write down your questions or comments on the types of ammunition presented and hunting tips. 

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