Inflatable gym mat: All about the test

The thick inflatable mat is also a thick mattress, and is usually paired with the Air track but is actually a manufacturer that offers several different types of mattresses. The comparison resulted in a systematic in-depth and winner of the test.

Purchase patterns and measurements of the inflatable gym track

We reviewed the following methods in different categories of assessment:

  • Design: How well are the materials to be processed? What is the beauty and thickness of plastic?
  • Valve: How does the inflatable gym mat hold air on the valve and seams? How quickly does the air cool down and weaken?
  • Security: Are there sharp corners or edges? Is there a risk of injury while playing sports or doing acrobatic exercise at home?
  • Pump: How good is a supplied pump and how fast does it pump air?
  • Its size (3m, 4m, or 5 meters) and its size as deep as thickness (10cm or 20cm). Normally, people are happy with 4 meters but with no space, they take 3 meters.

Comparison with gym and yoga mats yoga mat

The leisure mat and gymnastic mat have the same name. A relaxing mattress should not be used at yoga clubs. So it can also be used for all other gymnastic exercises. The fitness mattress is usually much thinner (1 to 2 cm PVC thickness) than sports mats, which have the function of lifting and protecting from shock. Relax gym rebounding mattresses should increase the comfort of gymnastic exercises down (Floor). Generally, comfort sports mats are a little more comfortable and protect against extreme cold on the floor. T

The most common gaming consoles are found in natural materials and in a variety of designs, as well as in a special navigation form, which is easy to fold. In contrast, fitness mats are used in fitness studios, providing the best balance between cushioning and exercise.

Difference between Floor and Yoga Mattress

The difference between Kameymall objects and sports mats is not only the thickness but also the non-slip surface. Thus, it guarantees good handling throughout the gymnastic workout. The surfaces are made of durable, synthetic, and leathery materials. Leisure mats can also be easily folded and closed for easy movement. Typically, yoga and classic gymnastics mats are available in different sizes and colors.

Because of their simple design, they cost $10 to $40.

Thus, these are not powerful action mats like inflatable gym mats that allow other phone actions to be performed without injury.

Sports equipment – protection from shots and injuries

Gym mats are fatter than mayoga mats because their primary function is to stop the exercise of sports. The thickness, therefore, determines how your joints are protected.

The use of earth materials has many variations.

For example, it is used in sports lessons as a protection from shock or as a ground switch during a camp vacation. The closure of these thick pads is often a solid surface material.

Finally, depending on the intended use, more or less adherence (e.g., pregnancy gymnastics). The more expensive it is, the less it smells of plastic. Inside, on the other hand, there is a soft foam. Good sport mattresses with a minimum of PVC thickness of 5 cm for protection against shock or accident. Depending on the application, the floor mats are divided into soft floor mats, deep spring mats, and under gymnastic mats, all of which vary slightly in thickness and surface area.

Help of Air track mat

If you do not have a budding stuntman or a small gymnast at home, you can stop reading right now. Because even for children this inflatable gym track can be fun and even angry teens suddenly move on with their own free will.

Why Kameymall? it helps

On the air track mat, your child can practice cycling, somersaults, martial arts (judo), and other skiing exercises at home. You can also do rhythmic and artic gymnastics. That’s what they do all day anyway. You just need the right place. The inflatable gym mat explodes rapidly with an electric pump (1 to 5 minutes high) and folds rapidly.

Gym bounce mat

Your child can also use the Air track gym as a play trampoline (drop). If you put a little air in it, it will be a little taller and taller. The bouncy gym mat can also be used outside in the garden with water.

Because of this, it will quickly make the type of outer water slippery as a slippery water mat, ideal for children. We will be flying well on one of the following holidays. The inflatable gym mat is very heavy on the plane, but if folded. Thus, it fits easily in the trunk because it folds and maintains easily. Air conditioners are fun to use both indoors and outdoors in adverse weather conditions – replace a swing or bike and a climbing frame!

Buy a cheap Air track or not? Here is my answer:

After a long journey back to change the mattress because I thought it was not an inflatable gym mat, I received the same then no refund because I wanted a refund, All of a sudden, a cheap Chinese Airtrack stays in our room because. no one wanted to return it.

By the way, technical users told me that the Air track (the top product) has its own factory to make sure that no harmful chemicals end up in their carpets. In fact, the pure (puncture-proof) double-wall technology is also fully developed. This allows it to become a solid mattress over time. Each inflatable track is made by hand.

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