Is First Person Online Blackjack Worth Playing?

Blackjack is a timeless casino game of luck and strategy. The comparison card game is played between a dealer and a single or multiple players. 

It’s also one of the more popular recreational online casino games with impressive growth that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. 

The greatest part of First Person Online Blackjack is that it provides a far more immersive 3D experience from its Blackjack table than a game of regular online Blackjack does.

If you want to understand how to play blackjack you must first work out whether or not this variation of the game is truly worth playing. Luckily, this article will help you make this decision.

What Is First Person Online Blackjack?

First Person Online Blackjack is a new and enjoyable version of the traditional Blackjack table game we know and love, with similar rules and playing styles. However, it’s completely free of the distraction and general hassle of other players and is a lot more straightforward.

The game itself allows new players to learn and understand the game to then smoothly transition to Live Dealer Blackjack tables. 

Side Bets and Multi-Hand Options

The general rules are pretty similar to the typical Blackjack game. Yet in addition to typical Blackjack bets, this Blackjack variation includes 21+3 side bets and Perfect Pairs.

With this game, a player also has a choice of five different hands during each of the game rounds where they can choose to put a bet on a single hand or multiple hands.

Perfect Pairs

  • You win by achieving a pair in your first two cards
  • A perfect pair consisting of the same suit and color will pay 25:1
  • A black or red colored pair will pay 12:1
  • Mixed pairs pay 6:1
  • There’s a house edge of 95.9%


  • If you can form a poker-style hand with the dealer’s up card and your first two cards, you’ll win the 21+3 bet.
  • A suited three-of-a-kind will pay 100:1
  • Any straight flush will pay 40:1
  • A three-of-a-kind pays 30:1
  • A straight pays 10:1
  • A flush will pay 5:1
  • There’s a house edge of 96.3% 

Similarities to Live Dealer Blackjack 

First Person Online Blackjack has many similarities to its live dealer counterpart which tends to take place in a land-based casino studio. As a result, it’s the only online version of the game that has any resemblance to reality – with a real table, cards, and a live dealer included.

First Person Online Blackjack also begins with the camera further away from the table. Throughout the game, the perspective shifts so you can see the cards and the table when you need to.

Regular Online Blackjack vs First Person Blackjack 

First Person Online Blackjack has some unavoidable comparisons to a game of standard Blackjack — purely because it provides a highly realistic gaming experience that people typically tend to get with online Blackjack.

First Person Blackjack can be a little different when compared to its regular online counterpart, yet it also has quite a few similarities. We’ll outline these below.

Relatively Low Stakes

You only need to wager a minimum value of $1 per hand, much like regular online Blackjack. With First Person Online Blackjack, you do have the option of betting more money and may end up wagering as much as $2,500 each hand

Virtual Appearance

Both Blackjack variations run on the same sort of gambling software although First Person Online Blackjack might seem more realistic thanks to a more developed 3D interface.

Betting Options

The betting options are practically the same, and players will begin each round by selecting a specific chip denomination. 

As a result, a player can change their options or make a re-bet if necessary. The latter can be handy if a player wants to play fast hands and maintain the same wagers.

Similar Rules

The rules are also far more favorable than in a land-based casino. On natural Blackjacks, online Blackjack games tend to pay 3:2 instead of 6:5. This is favorable for the player and lowers the house edge by an estimated 1.4%.

First Person Blackjack also allows players to double down after splitting and re-split on anywhere up to four hands.

Are There Disadvantages?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a demo mode for you to sample. This means you must wager real money or not play at all.

Plus, only a limited number of people have full access to First Person Online Blackjack as the software isn’t yet available in different parts of the world.

At 99.21%, this Blackjack variation also doesn’t offer the greatest return to player (RTP.)

Is It Worth Playing?

First Person Online Blackjack is like the regular version but with a fun twist. Instead of being offered only one view of the virtual gambling table, you’re provided with multiple different views — much like at a traditional land-based casino.

In our opinion, this variation of Blackjack brings something new and exciting to the game and is more than worth a try!

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