Is Slingo the same with online bingo?

We all know the pleasures of playing bingo at in the modern age. Not only does online bingo still allow players to try and win cash, but it also stays true to its roots by supplying virtual cards, wacky bingo callers, and the ability to shout ‘bingo!’

However, newbies on the igaming scene will see the word Slingo and think ‘what the hell does that mean?’. It sounds like it could be a lot like bingo, surely? Well, if you have no idea what Slingo is then you are in for a real treat because we think it is one of the hottest ways to gamble online, and if you are interested in both making a tonne of cash and having a good time, then you had best get yourself on Slingo!

What are the main differences between Slingo and bingo?

The two sound as though they could be igaming cousins, don’t they? At a first glance, one might be thinking that Slingo is a new form of online bingo that adapts slang lingo into its bingo calls rather than the traditional calls.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Slingo is actually a form of online bingo that is combined with slot games. Sounds crazy, but what are the main differences between Slingo and online bingo?

Online Slingo Online Bingo
Slingo is more like a slot game rather than a bingo game, however, it employs the use of online bingo’s card system to add an extra layer of bonus rounds where you could potentially win more money! While Slingo only adopts a more aesthetic feature of the bingo card, online bingo tries to stay true to the traditional game by emulating real bingo to as high a standard as possible.
Considering that Slingo is a merging of slot games and bingo, it tends to be a single-player game. There are multiplayer Slingo games available, however, the simplest versions are just for one! As with online bingo attempting to emulate the feel of real bingo, it too is a multiplayer game. The fact that it is online allows for enormous amounts of online bingo players to challenge each other from anywhere across the globe.
Your odds in Slingo are more based on the odds that are available in slot games rather than in online bingo games. Online bingo is there as a community game that has the opportunity to make you rich but is not simply there to do so.

How to start playing Slingo online

As you can see, Slingo and online bingo are not the same and in fact only really share two true qualities: you have the chance to make some money and there is a bingo aesthetic in there.

But, how can you start playing Slingo online?

    1.  Search online for Slingo
    2.  Select either a site that you know and trust or one that has a brilliant deal
    3.  Sign in or create an account
    4.  Deposit some cash to start playing Slingo
    5.  Spin that Slingo slot wheel and hope for the best!

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