Know What Interesting Things Tata Play Has in Store for Viewers

We are often spellbound by certain movies’ enthralling plots and twists, while some films and web series give us a nice, calming effect. Whatever it is, entertainment has always succeeded in changing our thoughts & perspectives and influencing our daily lives.

India ranks high in the list of most significant producers of films globally, so it is clear that the craze for entertainment among Indian people is huge. And the leading DTH service provider in India, Tata Sky, has a significant influence in making entertainment so popular.

Now, with its rebranding to Tata Play, the company aims to foray into OTT entertainment apart from successfully running its DTH services.

Let’s see what’s in the rebranding strategy and what type of content is available for Tata Play viewers.

Tata Play: The Strategic Rebranding

‘Tata Play’ is the new brand name spreading like wildfire in the Indian entertainment market. The rebranding is a calculated strategy by the company to reaffirm its leading position in the market. Famous for its unparalleled DTH services, Tata Play leverages its market leadership to expand its identity into more entertainment terrains. It aims to create an inclusive ecosystem of entertainment and content delivery where DTH and OTT can be sustained side by side smoothly.

Tata Play has introduced strikingly innovative subscription combos, which will include DTH offers and OTT content in a single bundled pack. These packs have been designed keeping in mind the needs of viewers to have every entertainment type in one place. That way, users have the flexibility of switching between TV channels and OTT platforms on a single screen without any hassle.

What’s in Store for Tata Play Users?

Tata Play’s “entertainment store” is brimming with all types of entertainment content for all age groups. Everything’s available on a single platform, from films, serials, shows and sports to web series, documentaries, and comedy shows. Let’s see where in Tata Play “store” you can find what:

  • DTH Channels

The DTH services broadcast TV channels showing different types of content round the clock. You can choose your favourite channels in your Tata Play subscription pack. Some popular types are movie and serial channels, sports channels, news channels, music channels, etc.

  • OTT Platforms

You can access the OTT platforms on the Tata Play Binge application or on your TV, mobile and other streaming devices by subscribing to the newly-introduced combo packs. The OTT platforms have loads of content of various types, including films, web series, documentaries, comedy shows, short films, etc.

  • Tata Play Services

The added benefit of getting Tata Play is that you get a separate section of exclusive services to subscribe to. These value-added services consist of classic TV shows, kids learning shows, regional content, competitive exam content and many more. The services fulfil the specific entertainment needs of various people at affordable prices.

Tata Play: Movies, Masti and More

Tata Play wishes to offer wholesome entertainment on its platform with unlimited content from the various services it provides. Buy your Tata Play DTH connection without giving any second thought, and you will not get any chance to regret it.

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