Laser liposuction works?

Modern medicine has laser technology as a tool for healing.

Doctors would have been amazed if someone had ever told them that permanent improvement in eyesight can be achieved with a routine procedure. Laser energy can remove varicose veins, kidney stone, and the entire prostate. It can also help slim down your body.

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Lasers in Medicine: Faster, More Accurate and Precise Recovery

Did you know that the acronym LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Radiation? It was something we didn’t know until we Googled it. A laser is basically a beam light. A laser can be used to chase a kitten around your house for hours. It can also cut, burn or destroy tissue. Because it is so tiny and precise, you can use it to treat even the smallest areas without causing damage to the surrounding areas. The best part is that a laser treatment can be completed in a shorter time than open surgery.

Laser technology has one major benefit in fat removal: It can tighten the skin and also destroy or remove the underlying fat. Skin tightening is a necessity, especially for women older than 40.

Laser liposuction has its limitations. Large amounts of fat can often be eliminated more effectively with stronger methods, such as traditional or hydro-based liposuction. SmartLipo, a common laser liposuction method, works best when combined with other methods. The bulk of fat is targeted by liposuction, which breaks it down and flushes it out. Laser liposuction is then used to target smaller areas of fat or fat that may otherwise be too bruised. It can also tighten all areas.

Choose a provider based on outcomes vs technology

Plastic surgeons are often limited to one method of liposuction. This is because they prefer to use one technology. Do you really need two providers? One to remove fat and the other to tighten your skin?

We tailor our liposuction to meet your needs. As new technologies emerge, we also make sure to incorporate them into our procedures. Over 7,000 people have had liposuction performed on them. It remains the best minimally-invasive method for all-around fat reduction.

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A tummy-tuck is a safe and effective way to flatten your stomach. Our plastic surgeons have performed many of these procedures on patients. A tummy-tuck is an open procedure that requires some patient preparation. To get the best results, it is important to understand how patients want to balance invasiveness with outcome.

After Lasers: Radio Frequency Assisted Technology

Balance the trusted and emerging technologies with true and trusted technology is another key to improving patient outcomes. Lasers can be a powerful tool in medicine, but we’ve seen better results using radio frequency assisted technologies like BodyTite or Exilis.

These can be combined with traditional liposuction to achieve the best results. We can help if you have already had your fat removed but are still unhappy with the flabby skin.

There are many choices if you are looking for a provider of laser liposuction such as . It is the place to go if you want a flat stomach, toned arms and a more defined jawline.

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