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If you can't answer this important question before you buy, it doesn't make sense to think about the style, color, dress, tie, or hat that comes with it:

What and where do you wear this dress?

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why they do it so badly. One of the three suits or clothes you wear for business and work will be the most important choice for you. Why? Because then your appearance will be more important. A well-cut dress can explain the difference between accepting and rejecting a job application.


The size of the clothes is very important because wearing the wrong clothes can ruin the effect you are trying to achieve. Samuel Windsor has a suit size, but you have to measure yourself to determine the size you want. Before making a purchase, pay attention to your measurements.

Chest – Measure the circumference of your upper chest and place the ribbon down.

Adjust the waist-to-waist level with the belly button and measure your body’s circumference at that level.

Feet – The length of pants you want is measured from the inside of your foot to the point where your foot meets the top.

Read the size of the dress to measure yourself when talking about your dress.


You need to make sure that the clothes you buy are made of wool. Although there are other fabrics such as polyester, fur coats are stronger and allow your body to breathe, thus reducing the possibility of excessive sweating. It doesn’t matter what clothes you choose, business and work clothes should be gray, navy or charcoal and nails in this shade are always suitable for business and work clothes.


Single or double chest?

Currently, fashionable business attire for business and work includes one- or two-button jackets and a jacket (one-button stripe). Three buttons can still work, and it would be nice if you could calm down even more. Normally, no, not more than three buttons, because it doesn’t change much at the moment.

The bottom design includes a double-breasted dress (two striped buttons), two or three buttons on one side. The clothes on both breasts are still in place. Mr. Bigg learned that a two-breasted dress is better than a one-breasted dress. Even if you have one or two breasts in your shirt, the jacket should be tucked into the back of your neck without touching your shirt.

The width of the hips is often determined by the style. They are tight in the style of modern clothing. Two cutaways were prominent in the upper part, for easy access to the high bangles. Also, as always, the jacket should match the body and not protrude from the body of the jacket.


Suit jackets always have shoulders. If you need to change clothes after you buy them, you can’t change them. Generally, instant reviews guide the shoulders of the jacket should not exceed your shoulders. If you have wide shoulders, you may want to avoid oversized jackets. However, do not jump on the shoulders of people whose shoulders are slightly flat, but still should not be more than the shoulders.


The back and bottom of the suit jacket allow it to move freely in your jacket, preventing it from folding or sitting. A thin person can go out without anything but being in a jacket is very beneficial. An adult needs two screws to move the jacket without any hassle. Clothing should be ventilated directly on the jacket.


If you can put a finger in the waist of your pants, you have the right size that will make you feel comfortable. Depending on the style of the pants, do not choose pants and trousers. They have been out of fashion for a long time. Flat-front pants are a modern style for the wardrobe.


The sleeve of the shirt jacket you want to wear should be about four inches longer than the sleeve. From color, whites and blues are always safe. A little bolder when choosing to clothe is the blue or sugar pattern. When tested or compressed with other colors, it is also considered red or yellow, but no darker color if it is not blue.

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