Learn about the benefits of porcelain veneers

The porcelain veneers are among the most sought-after treatments in dental offices by those who want a transformation in the smile. This process consists of the use of small pieces, made of porcelain, to coat the teeth, making them more beautiful and harmonious.

Thus, it is indicated for the correction of stains, closure of diastemas (space between teeth), recovery of broken teeth, color changes, change of shape, etc.

To let you know a little more about it, let’s talk in this post about the benefits of porcelain veneers and the steps to put them.

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Why put porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers melbourne have stood out for their numerous advantages, mainly provided to self-esteem and quality of life. See the main ones and understand why they are a great investment!

Fixes small aesthetic problems

Throughout life, some factors generate a lot of discomfort and compromise the aesthetics of the smile. Some are:

  • frequent intake of very pigmented foods;
  • performing canal treatment — which can lead to darkening of the tooth;
  • smoking habit;
  • involvement by bruxism;
  • dental trauma.

For these cases, porcelain veneers are ideal, as they can provide a new color and shape to the teeth, very naturally when well made. They also favor patients with mild misalignment, who do not wish to undergo orthodontic treatment.

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Durability and strength

Porcelain is a material as resistant as natural teeth, so it is estimated that the facets last 10 years or more, when cemented properly and cared for according to the guidelines of the dentist. Thus, treatment has a great cost-benefit, since the need to redo it is unlikely.

Fixes damaged enamel

The consumption of acid iced foods and beverages, associated with aggressive brushing, can bring damage to tooth enamel, generating change in color and sensitivity in teeth. Given this picture, porcelain veneers are the possibility of treatment to correct these damages.

Ensures shine for teeth

The facets give a differentiated glow to the smile, which can be maintained without great effort. Just sanitize them properly and pay a visit to the dentist every six months for the professional to perform a polishing.

Harmonizes the coloring of teeth

Before the facets are installed, the patient can tell which color he/she wants for his smile. Generally, lighter tones are chosen, which provide beauty and joviality. Best of all, this shade will not change over time, allowing a normal life without restriction of pigmented foods.

How are facets placed?

Get to know the step by step for the placement of porcelain veneers!

Initial query

The first step to put the facets is to seek a dentist of your confidence and who performs this type of procedure. Initially, it will assess whether you really have indication, in addition to checking the need for other treatments.

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Pre-treatment procedures

To put the lenses, it is essential to have good oral health. In this way, the dentist will do the removal of cavities, scraping of tartar and professional cleaning. If you choose facets lighter than your natural teeth, a few whitening sessions are held until you get a shade close to the porcelain that will be used.

These procedures usually require more than one visit to the office; however, they are indispensable. Schedule yourself to attend the appointments, so you’ll have your new smile faster.


With oral health up to date, it’s time to mold the dental arch. The professional will use appropriate material to make a copy of your teeth and send it to the lab, which will plan your new smile together with the dentist.

Proof of the new smile

In a few days, the professional responsible for your case will receive the diagnostic waxing. It is a plaster model of his dental arch, with teeth carved in wax, which simulate his new smile.

In order for you to approve or request adjustments, the dentist will make a “test drive”, called mock-up, which allows the visualization of the result in the mouth itself.

This step is very important, since, after the approval and preparation of the facets, it will no longer be possible to make modifications. So, take the opportunity to take all your questions and analyze whether the shape, size and tone of the teeth are really as you want.

Teeth preparation

This is the most feared step by patients: tooth wear. It should be done to ensure that the facets fit perfectly, a factor very relevant to their durability. When the case is well planned and the dental elements are in good position, this wear is not great.

It is noteworthy that during the procedure there is no pain, because local anesthesia is used.

Cementation of porcelain veneers

After the approval of the new smile and preparation of the teeth, the dentist will mark the cementation of the facets. On this occasion, a very powerful glue is used, making each piece of porcelain be definitively attached to the tooth.

What care after putting porcelain veneers?

Many patients neglect oral health because they believe that, with the tooth covered by the facet, it is not necessary to do the hygiene. That’s a myth!

After treatment, you should keep brushing, flossing and avoiding very hard foods, which can make porcelain parts fracture. Be sure to visit your dentist regularly so he can check if everything is right with his new smile.

If you notice that, after some time, the natural teeth are darker than those with facets, you can resort again to whitening to match the tint. Just talk to a professional to know the possibilities of minimizing this contrast.

With all the advantages of porcelain veneers, you may have noticed that they are an excellent investment. However, remember to look for a specialist so that all expectations related to the result are met.  Visit Jacaboson Dental in Melubourne.



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