Learn how to level up your Glaivier quickly in Lost Ark

With Glaiver’s arrival in Lost Ark just around the corner many players have already begun stockpiling cash and other upgrade resources in anticipation of this formidable character’s arrival. Today, we’re going to give you some advise on how to get Glaivier up to tier 3 as quickly as possible in Lost Ark when she’s released.

Leveling Up Your Glaivier in Lost Ark: A Quick Guide for Getting to Tier 3

Lost Ark has a wide variety of classes to choose from, and new ones are being added on a regular basis. The Glaivier will be the game’s first Western-exclusive class when it launches in February. It’s expected to be a huge hit when it debuts later this month. There will be a fate and power pass that will raise your eye level to 960 along with the Glaivier. However, it has been confirmed that this power pass will be earned in-game and not purchased from the shop, so you can use it on the Glaivier or any other character of your choice. With this pass, you’ll be able to enter Tier 2 content with a +8 gear score for every item in your inventory. Now that you’ve learned how to level up your Glaivier in Lost Ark, let’s get down to business.

The following are some pointers for quickly advancing Glaivier to tier 3:

When Glaivier leaves the picture, switch to the advanced roster.

First and foremost, you should create a class for female martial artists and defer selecting an advanced class for them until you have done so. Once the Glaivier is dropped, you’ll be able to upgrade that character to the appropriate advanced class. As a bonus, you’ll be able to get your character’s name a little sooner and begin accruing a rest bonus. The first few chaos dungeons, guardian raids, and una daily will be a lot easier once the Glaivier drops and you’ve selected her as your advanced class.

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Take the money to Glaivier.

In terms of prioritization, you should focus on harvesting tier 2 chaos dungeons, and then storing any unbound resources you have in roster storage. Doing infinite chaos dungeons after you’ve used up your daily allotment of them can still be a huge benefit. Characters cannot trade the real honing materials they obtain in this way, but they can do so with the currency they earn. The best course of action is to gather these currencies and send them to your Glaivier as soon as she arrives.

With gold, purchase hone materials for tier 2.

Unbound destruction stones and guardian stones are also available from the Sylmael bloodstone dealer, however leap stones and shard pouches are tied to the character that purchases them. With some extra blue crystals stashed away, purchasing tier 2 crafting materials from Mari’s shop can also be beneficial. It will be sent to your product inventory once you’ve purchased it, but you shouldn’t claim it yet since if you do, it will be bound to that character. Then, when the spotlight shines on her, you may simply claim all you’ve got in your merchandise inventory. And speaking of marketing, the price of tier two honing materials is almost certain to rise once the Glaivier is released, so it’s preferable to acquire them now with Lost Ark cash than to wait until her is released. For those who don’t care about Glaivier, stockpiling tier 2 crafting resources to sell on the day she’s released may be a decent idea.

Take part in some PvP battles.

The currency for its vendor is roster wide, thus doing PVP while you wait will give you access to more and more things to buy as you go through the PVP tiers. When you’re up against three death swords again, take care not to rupture any blood vessels.

Pick a guardian who is not chained and destroy the stones.

Unbound guardian and destruction stones can also be purchased from the pirate coin vendor. The gems can be stored for use in fusion, independent of the class of the gym. If you trade it over to a different class and they use fusion, the gym will be upgraded into a gym specifically designed for that class.

Purchase a chest of life leapstones.

Anguished Isle is getting yet another large one. Considering that you’ll need a lot of these life leap stones, this seller is a good bet. Anyone who has access to this location should head over and buy as many of those life-leap stone chests as possible from the dealers here. That chest should be kept for when Glaivier is ready to access the jump stones, since they are tied to the character that activates them.

In the fortress, make Caldarr Fusion materials.

Everything from the +8 armor that comes with the power pass all the way up to the +15 armor that requires an average of approximately 200 of these in your stronghold may be crafted here using Caldarr Fusion ingredients. These can be made in bulk, so it shouldn’t be too difficult Lost Ark gold sale.

As soon as Glaiver is freed, what do you plan to do with her?”

– The tower is the most crucial thing to remember when gathering materials from all of those character-bound vendors. The tower has a plethora of upgrade materials, and many players overlook it. You should be able to breeze through the first 25 to 30 levels of the tower with a brand new 960-level character.

– Your best bet for unas is to focus on those that give you shards. For leveling, the shards will be your largest obstacle. You can do one every now and then for some leap stones. If you’re at level 960, you’ll be able to participate in five separate tier two guardian raids, and each time you complete one of these for the first time, you’ll receive an upgrade kit. Since harvesting the guardian soul is not required, you can complete all of these quests in one day if you so desire. For their one-time rewards of honing materials, you must complete the tale dungeons on Normal and Hard difficulty in both faden and yorn.

– Heading over to azure wind island. This game’s co-op missions actually reward you with a crystal currency that can be exchanged for three medium life shard pouches each week, which are the main bottleneck for you progressing up.

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