Let’s Find Out The Significance Of Colors In Astrology

What would the world be like without colors? Everywhere you look in your daily life, you will notice hues of various shades. Color offers visual perception to the unaided eye and the world to the blind. Color has a powerful impact on a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Colors are also used to mark rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations in many cultures.

Psychologists read the significance of colors in order to comprehend the impact of color on human behavior. It is also an essential part of Vastu because the majority of the remedies are based on color therapies. Astrology also deals with the energies of colors because each color corresponds to a specific planet’s energy, and using them correctly truly benefits. Each planet is associated with a specific color of cosmic rays that make up our auras or energy fields. Exposure to the planet’s corresponding color can increase its influence, while exposure to opposite colors can decrease it.

Also, each day of the week is dedicated to one of the seven planets, and wearing a specific color on that planet’s day brings blessings to that planet. For instance, Monday is designated by the color white, Tuesday by the color red, Wednesday by the color green, Thursday by the color yellow, Friday by the color pink, Saturday by the color black, and Sunday by the color cream or lemon.

Let us learn from the best astrologers in Chandigarh and Vastu experts which color is auspicious for you based on the position of the planets.

Colors That Are Associated With Each Of The Planets


Because the Sun is the ruler in astrology, the vibrant and energizing colors appeal to the powerful planet. This ball of fire is reminiscent of gold, red, mustard, and bright yellow. These colors have a dazzling, gleaming, and warm vibration, similar to that of fire. For Sun remedies, astrologers frequently recommend colors that are similar to these.


If the Sun is fire, then the Moon is water; the true nature of this planet is peace and serenity. The colors associated with Moon are those of peace, such as white, silver, transparency, and crystalline, among others. This color’s energy and aura promote relaxation, movement, and harmony.

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Mars is the planet of dynamic energy, blood, and passion. The color red is the most closely associated with this planet because it is the color of passion, romance, and blood. Orange and tints and shades that fall between red and orange are other colors that resonate with this fiery planet.

Which Color Is Right For You? Know by consulting the best astrologer in Chandigarh!


Mercury is more attuned to the natural world. It represents youth and things that appear to be younger, such as fresh new grass or a growing plant. All shades and hues of green are the best color associated with this planet. This planet depicts vitality and new beginnings just like the color green.


Jupiter is revered as the planet of optimism, grace, and abundance. This giant planet is also known as the Guru energy, which is associated with good fortune. Yellow, which is supposed to have positive vibrations, is the color that most closely resembles Jupiter’s bright energy.


Venus is associated with feminine energy, and it represents refined tastes and vitality. Soft pink is the color most closely associated with this planet of delicacy. Off-white, translucent hues like diamonds, and shades of pink, among other colors, are associated with this planet.


Saturn is regarded as a distant, cold, and dark planet devoid of light. In astrology, Saturn is called the planet of discipline, Karma, and justice. Saturn’s colors are black, deep blue, indigo, and purple. All of the light shades and hues are obscured by a dark color, such as black. This is why the dark color represents Saturn, because everything a person does is tainted by Karma, and the consequences will follow suit.

Rahu & Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are imaginary and shadow planets because they lack a complete body and are thus considered nodes of the Moon in astrology. Rahu is associated with the color of smoke. Charcoal, metallic and smoky colors, brown, and shades of brown as well as grey are the best colors to define Rahu and Ketu. Greys and dusky colors are associated with Rahu’s energy, whereas browns are associated with Ketu’s energy.

As such, color remedies can also be used to improve planets’ impact or lessen the severity of their malefic influences. However, this color interpretation in astrology can only be made by an expert who has studied the science extensively. Use these colors as remedies only under the expert supervision of the best astrologers in Chandigarh

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