Liposuction of the thighs: indicators, pain, prices

Liposuction of the thighs is a cosmetic surgical operation system that includes sucking out excess fat in this vicinity. How’s it going? Does it hurt? What consequences and what dangers? Discovery and recommendation to prepare for it and get over it with Dr. Laurence Benouaiche, plastic and aesthetic health care professional in Paris.

Definition: what is thigh liposuction?

Liposuction of the thighs is a cosmetic surgical procedure operation that includes sucking the fat collected in this location. First, liposuction is done on the outer facet of the thighs or saddlebags, but additionally at the internal side of the thighs and knees in ladies with a variety of fats in this place, says the doctors, plastic health care professionals and aesthetics in Paris. 

Symptoms: wherein cases should it be used?

Thigh ดูดไขมัน liposuction is for girls with overly cumbersome thighs due to extra fats, explains the medical professional. Whilst recreation and diets aren’t conclusive, we are able to consider this intervention. If the operation is a cosmetic surgical operation, it may though be important when the friction of the thighs reasons friction and therefore inflammation.

Technique: how is thigh liposuction performed?

It is essential to prevent the pill and the cigarette one month earlier than the operation.

A way to put together for it?

Before the operation, one or consultations with the plastic surgeon are necessary so that he can give an explanation to his affected person of the route of the intervention and supply him an estimate. An appointment with the anesthetist needs to also be deliberate earlier. 

In addition, it’s far encouraged to prevent taking the tablet and to forestall smoking one month before the operation so as to reduce the threat of thromboembolic headaches and enhance tissue recovery.

Length of the intervention

The intervention typically lasts between 1h and 1h30, this varies consistent with the extent to be removed, and it’s miles done beneath popular anesthesia. Underneath liters of fats, the operation may be carried out on an outpatient foundation, however beyond that, up to three. Five liters of fats, it is higher to live overnight in the hospital.


The end result is immediate and definitive: the fat never comes back to that place. If the patient gains weight, the fats will inn someplace else. The pain in the aspirated areas is usually severe but well relieved with the aid of taking analgesics. Oedemas form however disappears in about ten days, mainly if you take anticoagulants and put on a compression garment.


You have to put on a compression sheath for a month. It reduces edema and swelling while limiting the arrival of bruises on the body. It also significantly reduces pain, adds the health care professional.


There aren’t any contraindications to thigh liposuction.

Fee and repayment

It’s far an act of cosmetic surgical operation so there may be no repayment. The prices vary in line with the doctor and the volume of fats to be removed, but it takes at least €three,500 all-inclusive.

Liposuction of the buttocks: symptoms, price, and ache

Liposuction of the buttocks is an intervention through a plastic health care professional who pursuits to put off fats from the buttocks and reshape the back of the silhouette. When to practice it? What precautions have to be taken? What’s the charge? Insight from Dr. Laurence Benouaiche, plastic and aesthetic health care provider in Paris.

What is buttock liposuction?

Liposuction of the buttocks consists of sucking the fatty deposits placed at the level of the buttocks as a way to lessen their volume and reshape them. In reality, we don’t suck the buttocks, except they’re in reality very large. We are able to suck the saddlebags, the fold underneath the buttock, or the hip which weighs down the buttock, nuances Dr. Laurence Benouaiche, plastic, and aesthetic health care provider in Paris.

Indications: in which instances must or not it be used?

Buttock liposuction is indicated for human beings with excess fat inside the buttocks and saddlebag area.

What is the distinction between the buttock implant?

With liposuction, the volume of the buttock is reduced, even as with the implant it is elevated.

Method: how is liposuction of the buttocks finished?

Generally, the affected person lies on her belly, however, she can also lie on her lower back. After disinfecting the buttocks vicinity, the general practitioner delimits the place to be aspirated with the usage of a felt. 

He then makes incisions inside the fold of the buttocks and inserts a cannula to perform the liposuction. Even if this intervention can be performed underneath nearby anesthesia, it is greater comfortable to perform it under fashionable anesthesia, comments the specialist.

A way to put together for it?

Buttock liposuction requires pre-operative consultations at some stage in which the healthcare professional will examine your records, provide you with the prices, and have you sign the has the same opinion and the data documents. Opposite to a few rumors, preventing the tablet isn’t always required.  

Happily, this isn’t always the case in any other case ladies would be very irritated! Stopping the tablet is useless because anticoagulants are prescribed to lessen the chance of thromboembolism, underlines the expert.

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