List of best selling Bajaj bikes in India

When it comes to bikes, the Indian automobile industry gets flooded with tons of buying options for all its customers. The buyers are served quality bikes by the best of brands from around the world. But there has been one Indian brand that has been successfully competing against the best of brands in the segment. We are talking about the Bajaj bikes!

Bajaj Auto Ltd has been one of the top sellers in the Indian two wheeler and three wheeler marketplace, besides being the largest exporter of two and three wheelers in the country. The brand has managed to make its mark across all segments of the two-wheeler market. With over 310K units sold in the domestic market in June 2021, Bajaj Auto is one of the market leaders in India.

But with all the options that you have, choosing from the best Bajaj bikes in India can get confusing! Hence here we are with our list of the best-selling Bajaj bikes in India, to ease out your job! bike price in bd Also for knowing about bangladeshi motorcycles visit bike price in bd

Here is the list of top selling Bajaj Bikes in India:

1. Bajaj CT 110

One of the most affordable bikes available in the Indian two wheeler segment, the Bajaj CT 100 has been a top choice among people who want more for less. Not only is the buying cost of the bike pretty low, but also the amazing fuel efficiency of the bike makes sure that every drop of fuel is well utilized.

Coming from the house of Bajaj Auto, you can also be sure of the low maintenance cost of the bike! For a city commuter, no wonder the Bajaj CT 110 has won millions of hearts!

2. Bajaj Platina ES

Another one of the splendid commuter bikes by Bajaj, the Bajaj Platina ES has been the go to choice for millions of Indians, and for all the right reasons as well! Commuter bikes have always been a huge plus for Bajaj and Platina is a great addition to the segment.

The bike is the second most affordable commuter bike in the Indian bike market. Along with that, the mileage and power of the bike make it an ideal choice for your daily travel needs.

3. Bajaj Discover 125

Another commuter bike on the list, the Bajaj Discover 125 has won plenty of awards for being one of the best commuter bikes available in the market! Available at a very affordable price tag, the bike houses a 124 cc engine that can ooze out a very decent power. The brand also makes sure that your running costs are low, given the great mileage that the bike provides. The bike also provides pretty comfortable rides, making it an ideal choice for riding around the city.

4. Bajaj Pulsar AS 150

Sliding into the power packed racing bikes, Bajaj raised the bars with its Pulsar series. The strong build and the powerful engine of the Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 was embraced warmly by the speed lovers of the country. The bike sports a 150 cc engine, which still manages to squeeze in a great mileage. Add to that the great design that the bike has, and you get a bike that is strong, affordable and incredibly stylish! No wonder the bike has been one of the favourites!

5. Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

Bajaj Auto has been providing the Indian two wheeler market with amazing motorcycles in every segment! And with the Avenger Cruise 220, the brand set a benchmark in the cruise bike segment as well! Being one of the best selling cruiser bikes in India, the Avenger Cruiser 220 speaks of power and performance with its 220 cc engine.

The torque of the bike is great for riding across most terrains. The bike is also equipped with some of the latest electronics, to assist your rides. The comfort of riding the bike adds up to the whole riding experience, making it a suitable cruiser bike for all the adventurists out there!


If you are one of the many bike enthusiasts in the country, you would definitely be considering adding one of the popular Bajaj bikes to your collection. Whether it is functionality that you are looking for, or power or mileage, Bajaj would have something or the other for you! The most loved Bajaj bikes are worth a look!


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