Low Back Pain: How Do You Get Rid of it?

Low back pain is painful and frustrating, and this frustration keeps building up, reducing the quality of life. Moreover, when you suffer from lower back pain, you cannot sleep well, and thus, you will mostly wake up angry, and thus you won’t enjoy life.

Fortunately, there are straightforward remedies you can include in your daily schedule, and within no time, you will eventually get rid of your low back pain.

  • Exercise

Exercise and exercise some more! Although resting is important, significantly if you are injured, keep moving once you are strong enough. When you are idle, your lower back becomes stiff and thus worsening your condition. 

If you are in doubt or have any questions, consult a Physiotherapist in North York. They will guide you on how you can exercise without aggravating your lower back pain.

  • Sleep Well

Resting gives your body time to rejuvenate and restore the strength you had lost during your daily activities. So ensure that you sleep well and on a comfortable surface that supports your .your body weight and that is not too hard as this may aggravate your lower back muscles and make them sore.

Additionally, contact a doctor on whether your sleeping position is causing the back pain and how you can fix this situation.

  • Stretch That Back

Have you ever wondered why the trainer emphasizes finishing the warmup and cool-down exercises? This is because you should give your lower back a warning that you will exert pressure on it. 

So before you lift those weights, ensure you stretch your back, and when you introduce excess pressure to it, it will be ready to bear it. That way, your lower back pain will lessen and gradually disappear.

  • Training in the Correct Shoes

Physiotherapist experts advise that you should always train in the correct workout gear. Therefore running or doing in the correct shoes means that they absorb the pressure, and thus you don’t exert too much pressure on your lower back muscles.

Therefore if you are experiencing lower back pain in Singapore, consult your therapist about the type of shoes you should use when exercising or running.

  • Reduce Stress

Stress affects how you breathe, and thus it causes problems in your lower back. Additionally, when you are stressed, you may reduce your activities, thus leading to a stiff back and thus aggravating your lower back pain.

Therefore, reduce your stress levels, and gradually you will notice a change in your lower back pain. Getting a sports massage in Singapore is an excellent way of reducing stress and improving your sleep quality.


Pain of any kind is usually unbearable, and it alters how we live and enjoy our lives, and lower back pain is no different. Additionally, the longer you ignore it, the more unbearable it gets, and eventually, it is constant and unpleasant. 

Therefore, when you experience persistent back pain that can seem to go away, do not ignore it. Instead, reach out to a physiotherapist, and you will receive the assistance you need to get better and stronger.

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