Marketing at Christmas: Tips and content ideas for your company

As the holiday season approaches, businesses need to start thinking about how to make the most of their marketing efforts. With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to brainstorm holiday-themed content ideas and strategies to help your company stand out from the competition. In this blog post, we’ll look at tips and content ideas you can use to get your Christmas marketing off to a great start. From leveraging seasonal trends to creating engaging content, we’ll cover everything you need to know to succeed in your Christmas marketing.

1. Create a content plan

Make a content plan for your blog, newsletter, and social media. Your material and the corresponding approach should be ready by the end of November at the latest, i.e., before Black Friday.

The public holidays, which include Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Sundays in Advent, Krampus and St. Nicholas, the winter solstice and Yule Festival, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and finally, the Three Kings, should be closely monitored. Naturally, only incorporate the holiday into your planning if it truly benefits you, your business, and your target audience. Additionally, a business plan consultant can assist with creating a content plan, which will help ensure that your business plan is comprehensive and practical.

2. Use public holidays correctly

Yes, the Christmas season brings with it a multitude of promotions and offers throughout the holidays. To avoid getting lost in these turbulent times, draw attention to your company and your offers more often. 

3. Take photos and videos

The visual appearance of a professional web presence is equally important. Spend time and money on quality promotional materials as a result! It can also be captured using a cell phone camera if you lack the resources. Despite this, ensure the lighting is optimal, and the image quality is appropriate. Of course, this is true for all content, not just Christmas-related content.

Another piece of advice is to shoot many pictures and films with various settings to have enough material for several months with only one photo shoot.

With task management software, businesses can track and manage tasks that need to be completed and objectives to be achieved. This can help maximize efficiency and productivity and ensure deadlines are met.

4. Adjust graphics and web design

Feel free to modify your content slightly. For instance, a content advent calendar should visually stand out from the rest of the material. The same holds for newsletters, promotions, and contests. The pattern might be unique or brighter than usual. Create landing pages that you can link to on the website for specific discount promotions.

Here, data visualization techniques can be used to create compelling visuals that help convey the website’s message while engaging the viewer.

5. Declare activities

Make a strong announcement if you intend to have a sweepstake or giveaway on a particular day. We want people to be intrigued! Particularly in this time of rapid change, curiosity is valuable. Additionally, advertise your advent calendar in your email and on your website. Use all your channels for communication, but wait to share all the details soon. After all, you want prospective clients to check out your social media page daily.

People do forget, so being reminded doesn’t do any harm. To reach more people, include your posts in your story. To promote competition, for instance, you can do this daily until it is over.

6. Gifts, coupons, and vouchers

Stronger customer loyalty results from paying attention to regular clients, business partners, or staff members. Because people enjoy giving and receiving gifts over the Christmas season, it’s also a good idea to organize virtual events to show the gifts. In the long term, it pays off for you to spend money on inexpensive presents and gift cards or, for instance, to use discount codes as a purchase incentive.

7. Run campaigns

Running campaigns doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. By utilizing the right mentoring tools, you can quickly get your team together, manage your campaigns, and ensure they are successful. These tools can help you set goals, track progress, and measure results

You should set up a retargeting campaign if you already use adverts and have the Facebook pixel installed on your website. It takes a few tries, as was just mentioned, before individuals decide to buy. Therefore, it’s wise to remind them that they may have left anything in their shopping basket. Alternatively, let them see your products with a different graphic layout once more.

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