Massage Therapy: The Original mood Enhancer

The word massage comes from a French word that means “ friction of kneading”. It is derived from the Arabic term “massa” which means “ to touch, feel or handle”. Massage therapy is one of the oldest healing therapies. Nowadays, this is the most popular, and nonpainful treatment method. This uses different techniques for all age groups and injuries. 

An experienced massage therapist will apply tender and strong pressure to the muscles and other body parts to release stress from the mind and body.  When clients enjoy the massage, they feel cared for, connected, and comfortable.  If you are trying massage therapy for the first time, you should consult your doctor or a person who is an expert in massage therapy.

Benefits :

Massage Therapy Glebe helps us to treat a vast range of ailments. There are many benefits of massage therapy which include physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits.

Traditional Indian massage therapy uses different oils combined with plant extracts, herbs, and minerals. Some of the benefits of massage therapy are – 

  1. Enhance flexibility – One of the benefits gained through massage is increased flexibility in the body. When flexibility is reduced in muscles, it can result in increased pain and restriction in movements.  Massage helps in relaxing the muscle and improves performance.
  2. Decrease stress – Massage is a great way to relieve stress. It releases feel-good hormones and increases relaxation in the body. According to certain studies, clients feel relaxed even after weeks of their appointments.
  3. Improves quality of sleep – Massage therapy helps to fight against insomnia. It boosts the mood and gives relaxation to the mind and the body.  It releases the hormone that is responsible for telling the brain to go easy and get ready for sleep. By this, you feel less tired when you wake up.
  4. Builds immunity – Massage increases blood circulation. This energizes the body’s natural defense system and helps to move healthy nutrients throughout the body. It also results in the reduction of cortisol.
  5. Reduce post-surgery injuries – Massage therapy benefits in lowering the pain and other health-related issues of the patients. It helps to reduce the scar and stress. It heals the soft tissues like the muscles and the ligaments after the injury. 
  6. Reduce anxiety and depression – Massage can lower the level of anxiety and depression. It builds confidence and improves mood. This can prove to be an effective part of the treatment.  It supports your mental health journey.


Massage is the way by which one can feel better mentally, emotionally as well as physically. One has to find out which massage therapy is best for you. For the best massage experience, one should always communicate the expectation with the massage therapist and also share in between if one is uncomfortable. 

Talk first, if you have any kind of health issues or injuries. It is a powerful tool for maintaining the health and well-being of the mind and body. Massage Therapy Orleans is very helpful if you are suffering from a specific health condition or just using it as a stress-relieving method.

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