Mauritius Island: you will wish you had discovered it earlier!

Writer Mark Twain said: “First Mauritius was made, and then the sky, so the sky was copied from the island.” And is not for less. The closest thing to paradise must be this little piece of nectar fallen directly from the sky, embraced by the Indian Ocean and rocked by the breeze of its strategic and privileged location, in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, about 900 kilometers from the coast of Madagascar..

There is so much that will fascinate us, so much that it will captivate us, that we do not want to leave this island, and even more so, each of our days we will want to return to it, and it will always be part of the deepest corner of our longing.

Port Louis, the capital of the island

The intelligent visitor will not be imbued only by the fantastic and idyllic beaches of Mauritius but will know how to take full advantage of the urban center in which the Aapravasi Ghat stands out, the first constructions that were built in the port to receive the immigrants from India. Port-Louis is also famous for its market, a unique spectacle, halfway between the Arab souk and the Parisian food market, in constant movement and full of scents and colors.

The Land of the Seven Colors of Chamarel

It is a unique volcanic geological phenomenon that has generated a land of seven different colors that give rise to this beautiful wonder. It is located in the beautiful region of Chamarel, which rises 283 meters above sea level and can be reached through lush tropical forest. Here we already find the first natural beauty, the Chamarel Waterfall, a beautiful waterfall that has a drop of more than 100 meters framed in a paradisiacal green environment. The vision of this waterfall is made from a viewpoint.

Le Morne Brabant and the “underwater waterfall”

It is one of the most beautiful and spectacular landscapes not only in Mauritius but in the world: the underwater waterfall, which is an optical effect created by the push of the sea currents that drag behind them deposits of sand and mud; is this constant movement that even makes the tones of the water change, thus generating a visual concert that will tear our soul apart as we contemplate how the waters seem to fall to the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Since 2008, Le Morne Bravant has held the title of World Heritage Site.

Deer Island, home to the most beautiful beach in the world

It is perhaps home to the most beautiful beach in Mauritius. Contemplating the turquoise blue of its waters and the snowy tones of its sands will transport us to a state of peace and happiness that we will never have again. The walk along the shore of the beach is already worth the trip, but if we are also daring, we can dare to dive, snorkel, fly parasailing or play golf.

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