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Maximizing Profit: Effective Strategies for Your Vacation Rental

Vacation rental experts routinely report that investing in vacation rental properties has grown significantly in recent years, and that trend is anticipated to continue. Vacationers seek alternatives to hotels and resorts, and vacation rental properties fit that need. However, marketing a vacation rental isn’t always easy. Here are a few ways property owners can expand their marketing efforts.

Know the Market

Knowing the market is the first and arguably most important element in marketing a vacation rental. Not all vacationers share the same needs or desires. In other words, focus marketing efforts on the type of person who’s most likely to rent a specific property. That means understanding where vacationers want to spend time and their typical budgets.

Hotels and resorts market to relatively general audiences, but that strategy doesn’t work well when marketing a vacation rental property. In addition, remember that the markets are rapidly evolving, which means the techniques used by rental property owners to market properties must also evolve. In many instances, property owners quickly find they need professional help marketing a vacation rental successfully.

Decorate Appropriately

One issue vacation rental owners face is decorating a property to meet their renters’ expectations. While cutting corners may work with lower-priced rentals, owners who charge premium prices must deliver a quality experience to keep renters returning. Remember that renters’ reviews are crucial for attracting new traffic.

Decorating should also match the overall vibe an owner is trying to achieve. In other words, a secluded log cabin is unlikely to achieve a high rating from a renter if its furnishings are better suited to a condo on the coast. If you’re unsure how to decorate a property, seek assistance from a qualified interior designer.

Establish a Solid Online Presence

Most renters discover properties online, meaning a strong, attractive online presence is a must. A description must include quality photos plus carefully crafted text to attract renters. Look at other owners’ listings to see how they market their properties, and make sure the quality of your listing meets or exceeds those of competitors. Many owners quickly discover they need professional guidance to create listings that attract more renters.

Offer Extras to Entice More Renters

Vacation property renters look for added value when booking. That can mean anything from including free food or discounts at local attractions or restaurants. Consider working out a discount program with a local bicycle rental company if a property is in an area where riding conditions are good. Of course, any extras should match the target market’s needs and tastes.

Make Renters Want to Come Back

If renters enjoy their stay, they’re likely to book the property again in the future. Many people return to a favorite destination and enjoy making their stays a tradition. That’s especially true when the rental property is in an area featuring annual events the renters want to attend every year. Take the time to market to those individuals by communicating well before an event and offering prior guests special incentives to come back. Discuss the types of incentives that attract repeat business with your marketing partner.

Establish a Relationship with a Marketing Expert

Most property owners don’t have the time or expertise to market a vacation rental property correctly. Explore the benefits of working closely with marketing professionals to increase occupancy rates and boost repeat business.

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