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Mirror Placement: The Best Places to Hang Mirrors in Your Home

Mirror Placement

Mirror, mirror on the wall—where should I hang you up?

There are so many great reasons to decorate your home with mirrors, as they can make your rooms look larger, reflect light, and create a focal point. However, interior designers make things look easy, and the reality is that you need to think carefully about where you hang mirrors.

If you’re thinking of adding a few mirrors to your home, keep reading to find the best places to hang them for a gorgeous, bright addition to your house.


One of the most obvious places to hang a mirror is in the bathroom. A hanging vanity mirror above your sink is essential for getting ready and checking your appearance each day.

However, depending on the size of your bathroom, you might also want to add a full-length mirror. These make getting dressed much easier, as you can see your outfit from head to toe.

Over the Fireplace

Many homeowners love the look of hanging a large mirror over the fireplace mantle. It adds warmth to the room and creates a beautiful look.

You can even get two equal-sized mirrors and place one above the mantle and the other on the wall directly opposite. The double mirrors will create the illusion of a larger space, ideal for small living rooms.

However, it’s best to avoid hanging a mirror directly opposite a glass door or large window, as the reflections can be annoying—especially in bedrooms or living rooms.

Near the Front Door

Have you thought about a small hanging mirror in your foyer or entryway? A small mirror just above a hallway table can create a gorgeous and welcoming entrance to the home.

The mirror will let you check your hair and makeup before heading out for the day, but the table can also be a useful place for setting down your mail or keys as you walk in.

In a Hallway

A hallway can also be a perfect place for hanging a mirror, especially if you want to make it seem larger. Just try to match the size of the room with the size of the mirror—small mirrors work best in smaller spaces and vice versa.

Oh, and one more tip—one place mirrors you should never hang mirrors is the ceiling of any room. It’s an outdated practice, but it can also be a huge safety risk.

Use These Placement Ideas to Hang Mirrors With Confidence

If you’re ready to hang mirrors in your home, these tips can help you work out the best rooms and areas. Interior design can sometimes take some trial and error, so feel free to experiment and discover what works best for the size and style of your home.

You’re sure to find plenty of great places for mirrors, giving your home a modern, elegant look.

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