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Monique Round Rattan Coffee Table Natural Designed By The Styling Republic

Whenever you visit an organization or a company for an interview, you come across a coffee table with books and magazines being put on for visitors to read. Not just the office, you must have seen it at your relatives’ houses in the entrance room. These coffee tables come in various designs, colors, and structures per one’s choice. If you are also looking for a unique coffee table design for your home decor, then leave no chance to get a round rattan coffee table designed by The Styling Republic. Here you can choose from 3 different colors – Black, white, and natural. The price for each colored coffee table is $895.

Styling Republic

The foundation of this organization was laid three years ago by Mel Medley who had a great passion for designing interior art. Equipped with twenty years of experience in the industry, she exploited all her knowledge and experience to fence the gap that has remained in the designer furniture market. There was a demand for quality-rich oversized furniture in accordance with the modern living lifestyle. 

After gaining experience by working with some popular people in the field of design and property industry, Mel made a consultation on some of the prestigious interior design projects throughout the Pacific and Australia. She bonded well with skilled craftsmen and artisans globally to work on fascinating designs for the Styling Republic. 

And so it came at forefront of oversized luxury furniture in Australia. You can even search for a range of Rattan coffee tables at The Styling Republic. If you are looking for a new coffee table design for your office or house then do pay a visit to The Styling Republic where you can scroll on to the Monique round rattan coffee table natural. It also comes in white and black colored designs. 

Coffee Table: The Evolution

The evolution of the coffee tables has been since the era of the British East India Company which made a deal with Canton’s tea merchants. With the finding of flavor by the urban coffeehouses, it was done only with reputed businessmen. At that time tea came cheaper and was served at tea tables by women who stayed at home. 

However, in the 19th century, tea was replaced by coffee which became a new favorite beverage in America. Professional interior designers who came up with modern adaptations were the first ones to introduce the trend of coffee tables as a central piece for a room. With growing popularity, it was admired by middle-class homes. 

When we talk about the ideal size of a coffee table, then it is usually a low surface around 18-19 inches from the floor and is lesser than 27 inches from a tea table. It must be equivalent to the height of the cushion on your sofa or must be 1-2 inches lower. A coffee table must be two-thirds the length of a sofa approximately. 

The term coffee table books were first coined in 1960 by David Bower, the executive director of the Sierra Club. The term became popularized when it became a tedious task to fit oversized illustrated books into a conventional bookshelf. And this is how it found a new place on a table. 

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