Nasal Congestion; Causes and Home Remedies

Children and adults suffering from nasal congestion must consult the best ENT specialist in Lahore for guidance regarding effective treatment options. A timely diagnosis can prevent complications and speed up the healing process. The common causes of nasal congestion are:

  • The allergic reaction to food, pets, and drugs can cause nasal congestion. It can affect the overall physical health of the person. Thus, individuals aware of their allergy triggers must prioritize their health and avoid exposure to pollen and dust. Also, people with allergies must keep the medication while working outdoors, as it can become a life-threatening condition.
  • The seasonal change can cause nasal congestion. Fry air can cause congestion and an itchy throat. Thus, people must invest in humidifiers at home to prevent complications.
  • The presence of a foreign body in the nose can cause nasal congestion. Thus, people must seek medical attention to prevent complications.
  • Stress can cause psychological changes in the body. The lethargy, overwork, and mental exhaustion can deteriorate physical health. The common symptoms of stress affecting physical health include nasal congestion.
  • The changes in hormonal levels and thyroid disorders affect the functioning of vital organs and increase the risk of nasal congestion.
  • The people who use nasal decongestions sprays to treat their condition must get a prescription from a doctor. The overuse of decongestion can cause further deterioration of physical health.
  • Smoking has an adverse effect on mental and physical health. People who smoke daily multiple times are at a higher risk of congestion and lung and heart disease. 
  • Pregnant women must take care of their diet to boost their immune systems. The weather change can increase the risk of nasal congestion amongst pregnant women.

The home remedies proven effective in treating nasal congestion are:

  • Try Warm Compression: Warm congestion helps open the nasal passages that allow the patient to breathe. The individual with nasal congestion should soak a towel in warm water and apply it over the nose for instant relief. 
  • Keep Yourself Hydrated: The fluids help in thinning the mucus and decrease the pressure of the sinuses. People exhibiting flu or cold must increase their fluid intake to avoid further problems. It is best to drink warm water twice an hour for managing the symptoms.
  • Use Essential Oils: The aroma of essential oil helps open the nasal passages. The patient can mic the eucalyptus oil in water and keep it in the room. It helps provide instant relief from the symptoms of congestion.
  • Use of Saline Solution: The mixture of salt and water can help the patient breathe. The patient must use a dropper to insert the solution into the nostrils.
  • Ginger Tea: The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help unclog the nasal passages. Prepare the tea by adding fresh ginger to water and let it simmer for five minutes. Pour the tea and consume it twice daily to speed up the recovery.
  • Use Mustard Oil: Mustard oil provides relief from congestion. The oil helps unclog the nasal passages and allows the person to breathe properly. The patient should add two drops of mustard oil in both nostrils for instant relief.
  • Use Honey Before Sleeping: Honey helps treat congestion. The individual exhibiting symptoms of flu, cold or nasal congestion can add one tablespoon of raw honey in warm milk or water and consume it at night.
  • Steam: Steam with peppermint and fenugreek helps treat congestion. The patient who experiences extreme lethargy and discomfort should try steam for instant results. Prepare the steam by adding the herbs and let it come to a boil. Then cover yourself with a towel and breathe in and out for ten minutes. The person will be able to breathe. It will provide temporary relief from the discomfort. Repeating the process twice can help speed up the healing.

Individuals exhibiting symptoms of nasal congestion must book an appointment with a competent and reliable specialist through oladoc.com. The guidance regarding the effective treatment plan and information for precautionary measures will help prevent further complications and enhance the quality of life.

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