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Pamper Yourself with a Gift of Spring Mattress this Season

Health is wealth. As the quote says, we all believe in staying fit as we regularly practice eating a balanced diet and an exercise routine. However, amidst all of this, we often ignore that sleep also equally plays an important role in leading a healthy life. Even many research studies have also shown that sleep contributes to maintaining absolute health and wellbeing. 

Do you know what the first thing you need to enjoy sound sleep is? A mattress. Well, spring mattresses in India have been a trending home accessory for thousands of homes. So let’s get started with knowing what this premium quality mattress is like. 

Spring mattresses are also known as coil mattresses. They are usually crafted with fabric like cotton and wool, in which high resilience PU and memory foam is stuffed. You may feel more surprised to know that they are one of the most economical options. We bet you will find them on top while searching for the best mattresses in India online. Yes, they have that much popularity. 

In comparison to other mattress options, spring mattresses have been highly favored and even recommended by medical experts for a better night’s sleep due to their advanced construction. For example, individuals who generally suffer from shoulder and back pain can buy a spring mattress online for excellent support. You may get quite astonished by their price tags. However, their durability and long lifespan make them worth the investment. 

What Options Are Available in Coil Mattresses? 

Normally, the best spring mattresses in India are mainly available in two types. The first one is the Bonell mattress, and the second one is the pocket mattress. Pocket coil mattress is more preferred than the Bonell type. It is made with springs enclosed in a case made of soft fabric. These comfy cases are glued and stitched together to connect the springs. An ordinary mattress may have a maximum of 300 springs. At the same time, a premium presidential spring mattress in India could have as many as 10,000 springs in it. 

The highlight of this mattress is that it comes with an added contour that lets the back and pressure point rest easily. Over the coil springs, a layer of memory foam or latex foam is crafted for maximum comfort. 

How Do Spring Mattresses Benefit in the Long Run? 

With aiding good night sleep, these premium quality mattresses share zero disturbance technology. Yes, you read it right. Even if two or three people share the same bed, the mattress will give them the perfect support. Another perk that comes with them is that they nimbly minimize the roll-off and roll-together effect between you and your sleep partner. This also means that people with more weight can sleep on the same mattress, and you won’t feel any discomfort. The luxurious comfort factor of the mattress is susceptible to motion transfer and allows one to have a convenient sleep without any unnecessary disturbance. 

The tensity of the pocket spring mattress in India is available in different categories – soft, firm, and medium. One can select according to their body requirements. With these comfy mattresses, one doesn’t need to worry about back and shoulder pains as they can sleep peacefully. The economical, sturdy, and long-lasting mattress is known for its lasting comfort effect, which goes nowhere for years and years. So let your body rest in the perfect posture in that rich, stylish, and luxurious spring mattress this spring season. 


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