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Do you want to change the size of a PDF file? Then you should think about using a PDF size converter. The PDF size converters are quite effective at the time of helping people to change the overall size of PDF files that they are working on. If you are trying to locate the best PDF size converter, we thought of sharing some great options. You can go through these options and pick the right tool to convert PDF size.

Small PDF 

Smart PDF is a free online PDF converter that allows you to convert files to and from PDF. It can read and write most common file types, including Word, Excel, JPG, and PPT. The PDF converter is a quick and easy to use PDF converter. The PDF converter guarantees that your photos and documents are converted to a high-quality format during and after conversion, making your job simpler.

Despite the fact that Smart PDF is a free PDF converter, it offers you with all of the protection you need to keep your official papers safe from fraudsters and hackers. It does not sell your papers to third parties; you are the only one who has access to them.

Smart PDF servers do not keep your data; as you close the page, it deletes any information you’ve contributed, ensuring your privacy. To secure your data, the PDF converter employs sophisticated technology (current cryptography). Smart PDF is a desktop and mobile application. The Smart PDF app is available on the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

One of the most popular and versatile PDF conversion tools available for you to consider as of now is You will be able to use this PDF conversion tool to convert a variety of PDF files. Imagine that you are having a bulky PDF file, where you need to reduce size. In such a situation, you may think about using 2PDF as a PDF size converter. One of the best things about using this tool for PDF size conversion is that it will never change the size of the PDF files that you are working with.

You should initially upload the PDF file that you need to convert into Then you can compress the PDF file. Upon compressing the PDF file, you can download it. The process is simple and easy as that.

Nitro PDF 

Nitro PDF Pro is a professional-grade PDF program that includes a PDF converter, PDF editor, and PDF maker, among other features. The program may be used by both businesses and individuals to simply examine, sign, and safeguard papers.

The PDF converter transforms PDF files into editable PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents. You may also convert a variety of file types to PDFs. To use Nitro PDF Pro, you must first download the Windows program from the company’s website.

Nitro PDF Pro is one of the best PDF converters available, preserving as much of your original layout and quality as possible. When you utilize this professional-grade PDF program, you won’t have to worry about layout discrepancies.

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