Personal health care vs. assisted living facilities: What’s better for seniors?

If you are looking for support in your golden years in King of Prussia, you have two options – personal care at home and assisted living communities. While both intend to provide assistance and care for seniors, there are stark differences. For those who prefer to live within the comfort of their homes and around families, personal health care services King of Prussia are certainly better. Here are some key differences.

Hiring a home health aide is cheaper

If you compare the cost of assisted living communities with hiring a home health care professional, the latter is likely to cost a lot less. Secondly, you can choose to customize what you get from a trained aide at home. Someone could come and help you with the activities of daily living for just a few hours, or you could have a professional provide care and help around the clock. In both situations, home health aides cost less.

Retaining the independence

For seniors, the environment matters. If you choose an assisted living facility, you will have a team of professionals offering support for everything, but eventually, it is still not your home. While social activities are usually encouraged, people often suffer from isolation and depression, primarily because their family members are not near. If you feel comfortable at home and don’t need a caregiver for everything, home health care is undoubtedly better. Also, your family members can stay involved in the services and oversee whether the aide is doing all necessary for your well-being.

At-home care includes everything

Seniors and older people often choose assisted living communities because they get everything in one place. However, home health professionals can do the same without compromising the quality of care. Depending on the needs of the individual, the following could be a part of the deal –

  • Help with activities of daily living
  • Light household work
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication management
  • Running errands and taking the person to appointments
  • Helping with hygiene

Final word

While the debate about whether an assisted living facility is better than home health care continues, it is important to also understand the former may include additional things. For instance, many communities have doctors and medical staff on demand, which is not something that at-home aides can provide. However, when it comes to basic things and enjoying an independent life, it is wise to live within the house and around the people who matter to you.

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