Places to Visit in Puerto Rico: Offers a Mystical Voyage

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean republic located one hour from the Dominican Republic. It is also less than 35 minutes from “Culebra” and other free territories. Its wonderful temperature and fantastic diversity make it an unmissable destination for visitors and vacationers. Those vacationers who want to be surrounded by crystal clear water and magnificent mountains can plan their getaway. Without any doubt, make delta airlines booking in any class that is suitable and save up to 45% off on every flight to Puerto Rico. Pack your bags, get your bookings done and start enjoying your holidays!

Despite its modest size, this country offers mystical enclosures for example creative caves. There you may go on excursions and study the local culture. Visiting rainy parks full of nature to rest, such as “El Yunque,” will also fascinate you.

So, without further ado, here is a list of the top tourist attractions in Puerto Rico:

San Juan

The capital of Puerto Rico is in the city of San Juan. Carolina is 20 minutes away, and Bayamón is 15 minutes away, both of which are well-known cities in the country. To going to San Juan from neighboring countries like the Dominican Republic, board a ferry from Santo Domingo. You must go along with the business “Ferries del Caribe” and relish a 15-hour ride at sea.

The promenade in San Juan is quite calm and great for tourism. It is lined with shops and restaurants, and it is one of the best places to eat in Puerto Rico. There is also ‘El Morro’. It is a fort constructed at the time of the colony which used to be almost 200 years older. From here you can overlook the sea as well as the magnificent stone architecture.


Fajardo is a lovely Puerto Rican village located 30 minutes from Ceiba and 40 minutes from San Juan. It’s also recognized as Villa Fajardo, and it’s a lovely region surrounded by clear waters. You may get there by getting a cab from San Juan, which will drop you off in the municipality’s center.

If you want to go on a water vacation, here is the place to go. This is because the region has numerous entertainment alternatives for you. Such as the “Coqui Water Park” water park, which you can reach by riding a cable car and walking through a peaceful crystal pool.

Green Island

Isla Verde is a woodland and aquatic location located 30 minutes from Santurce in the department of Carolina. To get there from San Juan, take a 15-minute cab ride to the beach, which is noted for its emerald waves and hotel complexes.

The bay of Isla Verde is one of the most intriguing attractions, thanks to its peaceful and pure ocean of gorgeous green color, in which you will enjoy swimming. On the beach, you may rent snorkeling equipment as well as opt for cabo boat rentals for a wonderful trip.

Castillo San Felipe del Morro (San Juan)

The Castillo San Felipe also recognized as El Fuerte San Felipe, use to be a spectacular colonial structure located in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital. To get there, walk 10 minutes from the city center to Norzaragay Street. If you visit Puerto Rico, this is one of the places you should not miss.

You must purchase a ticket to enter the Castle because it is a tourist attraction. The tour is rich in history and is accompanied by guides who will share intriguing details about the site’s construction while listening to the sea, making it one of Puerto Rico’s historical sites.

Activities You Can Do

Stroll through Old San Juan

San Juan was founded in 1521 in a beautiful bay on the north coast of Puerto Rico. Its historic center, populated with colorful houses, houses the most important architectural jewels of the island.

Explore the caves of the Río Camuy

The 30 km long Camuy River originates in the Central Cordillera, in North-western Puerto Rico, and flows north to empty into the Caribbean Sea. It has several underground sections and is one of the longest underground streams in the known world. Cueva Clara is one of the most impressive, with a height of more than 50 meters and formidable stalactites and stalagmites. Archaeological evidence indicates that the caves were known to the ancient Tainos.

Surf and dive with sea turtles in Rincón

The best beaches in Puerto Rico for surfing are located in the municipality of Rincón, located on the western coast of the main island, in front of the treacherous (for high-altitude navigation) Canal de la Mona that separates Borinquén from the Dominican Republic on the island.

In the Nutshell

In the end, if you’re wondering to explore the most popular and “can’t miss” places in Puerto Rico, then here are a few recommendations to get you started. Plan your international vacation to Puerto Rico right away. AirlinesMap will help you out to plan your trip accordingly within budget along with customized packages. They’ll create a customized package based on your personal travel style. And let you travel independently—all while saving time and money in the planning process. Find a local today.

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