Planning Your Estate in the Time of Divorce

Numerous changes follow after divorcing. Your finances and the legal formalities will require several alterations. In legal terms, you are no longer married and single. All your taxes will be filed on an individual basis, and the credit application will be done the same way as well. All the properties but by you will be considered only your own. These alterations have a significant impact on taxes, investments, and estate. 

Therefore, it is necessary to have a periodic review and required updates in the estate plan. Divorce is one of the most life-altering situations, with numerous follow-up effects. Rather than planning everything alone, speak to attorneys from Karp & Iancu, S.C. who can help you step-by-step through the process and ensure you do not commit any mistakes!

Here are some tips which should be followed to ensure that your finances are in sound condition.

  • Constantly check and update your estate plan.

After the divorce, it is suggested to review your estate plan and make alterations in the will and trust beneficiaries to ensure that the radar is as per your demands. Yet only those people must be mentioned in your will that is adjustable and can take over your estimate when you are incapacitated. You may have specific changes regarding the naming of minus and their guardians or other beneficiaries. Often, a divorced spouse has a changing mindset regarding their beneficiaries. They end up removing their access passes from that position. Suppose you have initial plans to leave your estate to your Spouse and further inherit from the children. In that case, you may require certain modifications in estate plans after the divorce to ensure that your latest demands and wishes are fulfilled

  • Change beneficiary designations

If you have a previous marital estate plan, it is necessary to check it and make the necessary changes in the beneficiary listings. It is important to change the beneficiary for employee retirement plans, IRA, life insurance, annuities and pensions, health saving account, transfer on that investment account, and be able to debit bank accounts. Along with that, evaluate the benefits your employer provides and make sure to change the beneficiary designations in that. If you have listed yourself as the spouse in the beneficiaries, make sure to make the required alteration and list someone else. You can do that by making a request and, in some cases filling out a form. 

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