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It’s the 21st century, and no one usually has physical cash these days. While upgrading is essential to stay up to date, many online gambling sites fail to understand that and still offer traditional bank transfers.

Though there is no harm in bank transfers since everything is moving to digital, no one wants to go to a bank for depositing or withdrawing money when all can be done in just a few taps from your mobile phone. If you are sick of traditional bank transfers and want to save your time and effort, feel free to join Maxim88 now.

The site is safe, and secure offers a wide variety of bonuses, and also offers players different desirable payments. From QR Pay to a variety of Ewallet options. Here we will be covering all the options that you can use at Maxim88 to make your life easier and more convenient. So without wasting more time let’s get straight into the prime discussion!

QR Pay

When talking about the fastest, contactless form of payment, QR is a must-mention. As you can judge by the name, QR pay involves the scanning of QR codes from different apps that are on mobile. The whole process is smooth, and efficient and is the perfect alternative for transferring funds digitally.

This method of payment skyrocketed during the pandemic as people started to make use of this contactless payment option. From dining to shopping malls everyone had the option to QR pay till now Maxim88 also offers this payment method to all of its players.

At Maxim88, QR pay can be availed through bank transfer, touch and go, GrabPay, and Shopee wallet. And this method of payment is one of the most preferred for gambling online.

That’s not all scanning QR codes is a relatively easy and secure way to make payments, when done frequently if compared to other forms of electronic fund transfers.

Variety Of E-Wallets To Choose From

When we talk about electronic wallets, you can find a variety of payment methods at Maxim88 to choose from. And here we have listed some of the best and most convenient forms of payment. All of these electronic wallet payment methods are safe and secure if you are using trusted resources to make your transfer.

Cryptocurrency E-Wallets

When we talk about digital currency, cryptocurrency is worth mentioning. Not only do they let players gamble cash-free but also promote gambling among modern players who own cryptocurrency.

Though many online casino Malaysia still lack the option to pay via cryptocurrencies, Maxim88 allows players to make payments through some of the leading cryptocurrencies.

Some of the cryptocurrencies include ETH, Bitcoin, and USDT. Players are expected to use crypto exchange platforms to make their currency using Maxim88.

The cryptocurrency platforms that are famously used by gamblers include Coinbase and Binance. And players also get an extra crypto bonus when they make deposits through cryptocurrencies.

Eeziepay, Help2pay, and Touch N Go

One of the best and most reliable forms of online payment that players can find in Malaysia are Eeziepay, Help2pay, and Touch N Go. All three forms of payment are unique in their way and all of them are reliable and trusted by many Malaysians.

Though Eeziepay And Help2pay are famously known in the whole of Asia. Touch N Go is solely for the population of Malaysia. Touch N Go is trusted by 1.4 million people who are looking to pay digitally. One thing to keep in mind while using these platforms is that one should always look for the eligibility of these platforms.

Players need to check if these forms of digital payment are accepted by their banks, for most of the banks in Malaysia do accept this form of payment, some just don’t. Nonetheless, all these three forms of payment have to be the best players can get in Malaysia.

Shopee Pay & Boost Pay

Maxim88 is always working on ways to make its services better and more convenient for its players. When talking about new additions to the payment methods Maxim88 has added Shopee Pay and Boost Pay. Both of the payment methods are efficient in their way.

While Shopee Pay is famous for its QR pay some certain terms and conditions come along with it. To use shopee pay with Maxim88 all players need to do is download the mobile application of Shopee.

On the app, they can find a lot of options for payment that players can choose from according to their convenience. Players can go for the Top-Up feature or they can even use the QR pay feature as they wish.

Shopee Pay allows you to make Top-Up up to RM2,999 if your account is not verified. But if your account is verified you can Top-Up to RM4,999 as long as you have sufficient funds left in your account.

Another addition that doesn’t go unnoticed is Boost pay. This platform allows players of Malaysia to make transactions without any hassle.

The whole process is easy and even if you want to use the card of Boost pay you can feel free to do so. With Boost pay, you can make top-ups within minutes and the whole process of having an account is simple and easy.

In conclusion, both of these new payment methods are seemingly fast and get the job done without any hassle. Though one thing to keep in mind while using these forms of payment is that you should download their applications from authentic sources to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

Final Words

Though there might be some players who are still hesitant to use any form of online payment, they should know that everything payment method that was discussed is not only safe to use but can get the job done within minutes. And in case you find yourself in any sort of inconvenience you can feel free to contact customer support and they will surely assist you in the best way possible. 

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