In 2022 we got to see changes in many trends including the lifestyle of people. These days people are well aware of how important the right eating habits are. Based on this fact various types of appliances and machines have been brought on the market that helps you eat healthily. Out of many appliances air fryers remain on top for being the most popular the whole year.


The air fryer has greatly replaced the frying pans and woks that people used for frying foods. Due to eating a such high amount of fat in fried food the graph for many diseases especially heart-related diseases is going up. The most important property of air fryers is that they cut down the harmful fat from the food by 75% which means more than half of your fat is completely removed, it will reduce your body fat greatly and won’t allow further deposition so chances of obesity would decrease eventually. Obesity is a scary disorder that leads you towards many harmful conditions including hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and liver malfunction as well, so to keep yourself safe from morbidity and mortality caused by a such condition you need to check your diet. If you are on diet and still are craving something tasty such as crispy fried chicken or fries or some yummy nuggets you don’t have to worry, you just need to have an air fryer at home, now you can enjoy tasty food while being on a diet. This appliance is in trend because the final cooked product that you get is completely like the one that has been fried in oil. It retains the crispiness, tenderness, and taste. Air fryers also come in different capacities and sizes. 

Nowadays air fryers are part of multi-cookers as well. Let us share more information about the multicookers in the next paragraph.


A multi-cooker is an appliance that can cook many different types of dishes for you at a time or even at separate times. Many multicookers these days come with compartments that allow making many dishes at one time. They have a very good seal in between the compartments and have no leakage technology due to which the content of every food item remains intact within its respective portion. You can bake, saute, fry, make stews and soups, grill, and various other forms of cooking in a multi cooker. This appliance is built quite user-friendly. Different multicookers have different ranges of functions some might have 8 and some may have 14 depending upon how much versatility you want.

You can control the functions and operations from the control panel which works only with one touch which means you can convert the cooker into an air fryer anytime by just pushing one button. Pressure cooking is a very essential function but slow cooking is quite satisfactory because during slow cooking It maintains the temperature inside sufficiently so as not to burn the dish. It keeps the food warm for many hours and you can reheat the food inside it quite easily as well. Due to this reheating feature, the harmful effects that are caused by microwaving foods can be prevented.

After talking about the appliances that can cook for you, let us dig into the discussion of the equipment which you can use to cook yourself.


Induction cooktops are very common these days because of their uncountable benefits. The ease people have experienced with the use of this appliance is commendable. It not only helps you cook efficiently but is also environmentally safe. The induction cookware work with electromagnetic radiation which means it uses a very less amount of electrical energy to work and no gas connection is required with the cooktop. 

It causes these radiations to go inside the bottom layer of the pan to excite the electrons and molecules due to which heating occurs. They can heat the pan in lesser time compared to the conventional cooking types of equipment and is less costly and low maintenance, you only need to be gentle with it. Using special pans on the cooking top would help you, especially the pans that have a higher iron content because they heat the iron quite faster and ensure timely cooking.

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