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Health is wealth, if you haven’t realized this quote to its bone by this time in 2020 you probably never will. but I think it is safe to assume by this time most of us know how important it is to be healthy. Because a healthy body gives you a better chance of fighting life-threatening diseases like COVID-19.

Then again there is no one mantra to stay healthy. You have to incorporate a lot of healthy choices and habits in your life to gain a healthy body. But as life goes by it gets harder and harder to stick to one habit or just to regulate our busy schedule. But think about it Science has blessed us with tons of technology so why not use that? OutThere are some amazing gadgets that you can use to achieve that goal of a healthy lifestyle. These will make your life a little bit easier.

So let’s find out the most amazing gadgets for a healthy lifestyle.

A good quality fitness smartwatch

Now smartwatches are no new invention. They have been around for quite a long time. Previously they were mostly used for entertainment purposes but now there are tons of fitnesssmartwatches that can be your day to a day sidekick.For instance, take Fitbit. This is one of the most amazing fitness tracking smartwatches. It can track your workouts it can track your sleep cycle. This also has onboard GPS making it an amazing choice for runners who love to keep their phone at home.

Another example could be MI bands. They look smart and sleek and they can provide you important pieces of information like your heart rate, your stress level, how much did you sleep, and of that sleep how much of it was a good quality REM sleep. It will regularly tell you your step counts. There are other expensive brands like an apple that also come up with amazing smartwatches.

LARQ self-cleaning water bottle

This is a unique invention. This is a self-cleaning water bottle. What it does is it kills all the bacterias in your water. Uses a different technology that is UV-c LED, it kills all the bacterias in the water. Don’t worry this is non-toxic and Mercury-free. It cleans the water as fast as lightning, it takes only 60 seconds. Amazing isn’t it?

don’t forget the viruses it also is effective for viruses. As it is a self-cleaning water bottle there is no nasty stink, you know that’s a nasty smell that you get after opening a water bottle. This is also going to remind you to drink water. Keep yourself hydrated.

Netatmo healthy home coach

There are several factors of A firm that has a grave impact on our life. Our surrounding environment determined our health situation. This amazing gadget can check the quality of the air that’s your breathing, the humidity level in the air, noise, temperature and etc. If the indoor environment is bad then it will have a negative impact on your health. This healthy home coach will provide you with stupefying data that will help you to determined what changes you should make around the house. this can also handle some stuff on its own like training on the air conditional when the air is overly humid.

Calm mobile app

While talking about fitness and health we cannot ignore our mental health. Mental illness is just as much if not more serious than physical illness. The stigma around mental well-being has really been lifted but this amazing application. This is a mindfulness and wellness app it has daily meditation lessons, that cover topics like stress relationship anxiety focus, and so on. it is free to download application but if you purchased the premium version you will unlock more premium features


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