Pregnancy and Abortion Consultation: Taking a Holistic Approach

There they are: two lines on your home pregnancy test.

Those two lines can cause a lot of anxiety for many women who weren’t planning to get pregnant. For other women, those lines can feel like the start of a new beginning.

No matter which group you’re in, you may have realized that carrying the pregnancy to term isn’t so feasible. Maybe you don’t feel ready for a child, or maybe you’ve run into some health issues along the way.

If you’re considering abortion, you’re not alone: nearly one in four American women will get an abortion.

Here’s how an abortion consultation and a holistic approach to abortion can help you make the right choice for you.

Initial Confirmation

A positive pregnancy test at home may make your head spin with overwhelm. But there are several reasons for a false-positive.

Before making any big decisions, it’s important to medically confirm the pregnancy. A trip to your doctor can give you that confirmation.

Then, you can begin considering your options holistically.

What Is a Holistic Approach to Pregnancy and Abortion?

A holistic approach focuses on the entire body, mind, emotional being, and culture of an expecting mother.

Child-rearing changes nearly every aspect of a woman’s life. These changes should be considered holistically when deciding whether or not to get an abortion.

Choosing to continue or discontinue a pregnancy is about much more than the growing baby. It’s also about the kind of life and environment that baby will have with their mother.

A holistic approach looks at the big picture to help the mother make the best, healthiest choice for her.

Pregnancy and Abortion Factors to Consider

After confirming a pregnancy, women can consider several factors to make a holistic choice.

If you’re pregnant, you may want to visit a clinic or center that offers pregnancy and abortion consultations. The Keim Centers can help you determine how far along your pregnancy is and what options are available.

Holistic clinics should never pressure you to make one decision or another. Instead, they should help you to fully understand your options and factors that may influence your decision.

Here are some of the holistic factors worth considering.

Financial Standing

Your financial standing can be a practical factor in deciding whether to remain pregnant or seek an abortion.

Good financial standing typically means having a steady income in the household, having some savings available, and being able to afford healthcare and other necessities needed for raising a baby.

Health Factors

Not all abortions are the result of unwanted pregnancy. Many mothers are unable to carry to term because of serious health issues. These could be health issues impacting the mother, the growing baby, or both.

Discussing these concerns during a pregnancy consultation can help you learn about any possible medical risks.

Mental and Emotional Being

A holistic approach looks beyond the body. It puts equal importance on mental and emotional wellbeing too.

Some women may feel that they are too young or mentally unprepared for a child.

Other women may worry that mental health struggles will prevent them from being able to raise a family properly.

These factors are extremely personal, and there isn’t one right choice. Instead, it’s important to make the decision that you feel most comfortable with given your personal circumstances.

Lifestyle Factors

A new baby certainly changes our lifestyles, and for some, this can be reason enough to get an abortion.

For example, if your work schedule is extremely demanding, you may decide that your lifestyle doesn’t accommodate a baby.

The lifestyle of your family can also be an important factor. You may already have a small child that requires a lot of care, or there may be a child with special needs in your family. A new baby may only add stress to the household and current family dynamic.

Length of Pregnancy

How far along you are in your pregnancy can influence your decision to have an abortion.

Some states have laws dictating when you can get an abortion. If you are late in your pregnancy, your options may be more limited.

For example, the abortion pill is the easiest abortion method, yet it’s generally only available for the first 11 weeks of pregnancy. After that, an in-clinic abortion may be the only option—and even access to in-clinic abortions can be limited based on local laws.

Gut Feeling

When making a decision related to pregnancy, a holistic approach isn’t entirely rational. Part of the process is also listening to your gut.

If a woman has a feeling of dread over her pregnancy, this may be enough to opt for abortion. On the other hand, if she feels excited and hopeful, she may choose to continue her pregnancy, even if she wasn’t initially expecting to.

A gut feeling may give you all the information you need to make a decision.

Abortion Aftercare

If you choose to have an abortion, holistic aftercare can help you heal physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Post-abortion care should be discussed during an abortion consultation. Here are some ways to recover holistically after an abortion:

  • getting plenty of rest and sleep
  • asking for emotional support from trusted friends or family
  • relaxing with baths or a gentle massage
  • rebalancing the body with acupuncture
  • journaling or speaking with a therapist
  • contacting a doctor if you experience a fever, continuous bleeding, lasting pain, or any other unusual symptoms

Be sure to consult with your doctor for specific aftercare instructions and advice.

Make an Empowered Decision With a Pregnancy and Abortion Consultation

The choice between pregnancy and abortion is extremely personal, but there are resources that can help.

If you’re considering an abortion, an abortion consultation at a specialized clinic can help you make an informed and holistic decision. They can help you learn more about your pregnancy, health concerns, and other personal factors.

They can also help you understand what to expect after an abortion, including offering aftercare suggestions.

Considering an abortion can be overwhelming, but with the right information, you can make an empowered decision you can feel confident in.

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