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Pros and cons of using vinyl flooring in bathrooms

Today vinyl flooring is not like the bad reputed linoleum or old vinyl. It has become a popular choice among homeowners. It is getting famous because of its low cost. Moreover, it strongly mimics hardwood. Well, it is highly durable and waterproof. You can get these floors in any style, color, and design. Indeed, these floors can match any home decor.

Despite the fact, these floors are beautiful and versatile; they have some demerits too. They are a good choice for bathroom buy with certain downsides. Premium vinyl flooring is more affordable than traditional flooring such as hardwood or granite. That way if you are decorating on a budget, you can get the same luxury look.

No doubt these floors have great value. They are common in both homes and commercial spaces. Well, they have an easy installation. If you are a DIYer, you can easily have these floors in your home. Before adding these floors to the bathroom, first, try to know about the types.

Types of vinyl flooring 

  1. Vinyl plank flooring
  2. Sheet vinyl 
  3. Vinyl tiles

Vinyl planks and sheets are highly resistant to water. They are DIY projects. However, for bathrooms, people usually prefer vinyl tiles. They are available at an affordable price.

Before you decide the type of flooring, always look into these few things 

  1. Does the flooring fit in your home style?
  2. How durable is the floor?
  3. Is it water-resistant?
  4. How can you install the floor?
  5. Is it friendly for kids and pets?

Since kitchens and bathrooms are exposed to high moisture, for this purpose, you have to find a floor that is durable and waterproof. So, given below are the pros and cons of vinyl flooring Columbus.

The pros of vinyl flooring

  • It is waterproof 

Perhaps, this is one of the most considerable advantages of vinyl flooring. They have ideal water-resistant. But they are only waterproof and not impervious. Well, these floors have a nonporous surface. Indeed, they are made of PVC. So, they are a perfect choice for moist areas. For instance, bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, basements, and laundries. Surfaces that constantly experience moisture will get damaged with time. Therefore, it’s better to add water-resistant floors. They will not damage soon and have a long life span.

  • Vinyl offers realistic 3D visuals

No doubt, hardwood provides a soft and luxurious appeal. Unlike marble and stone, vinyl has many options. You can get any appearance of your choice. For instance, you can get any desired look that mimics wood or tile. Also, they have 3D realistic visuals. If you are not ready to splurge the floor, you can opt for vinyl as the best option, both in terms of cost and looks. 

  • Good resistance to stains 

The transparent top layer of printed vinyl sheets and tiles acts as a barrier to protect your floor from spills and stains, making it easy to keep clean. Solid and composite vinyl tiles, on the other hand, lack this top shield and are thus prone to stains, entailing periodic wiping and polishing.

  • It requires little maintenance

Vinyl floors do not need any extensive care. Indeed, they only require simple moping. This is mainly to get rid of dust and dirt. However, avoid detergents. Never apply wax or polish. Also, avoid ammonia.

Moreover, never apply any sponge or scouring pads. Well, you can use approved floor cleaners to maintain the floor. However, you can prepare a DIY solution to clean vinyl. For instance, mix vinegar with water. And, you can also mix some dish wash liquid with water. Both the keys work well. Moreover, you can also add some mineral oil to retain the floor shine.

  • Comfortable

Well, these floors are comfortable to walk on. They provide cushioning and are great for joints and feet. Moreover, they have ideal insulation. Therefore they feel warm in winters. No doubt, this is the best flooring choice for bathrooms because they are wet and cold due to constant water.

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The cons of vinyl flooring 

Just like hardwood or laminate, vinyl floors also have many downsides.

  • These floors are susceptible to damage. 

Although this is a durable flooring choice, no doubt, these floors are soft as compared to hardwood. Unlike ceramics or natural stone, these floors get easily damaged. Moreover, they cannot withstand sharp objects such as screws or knives. Furthermore, they cannot also handle metal chairs or rollings. These floors quickly develop scratches and dents. 

  • Vinyl is not easy to repair. 

Well, with time, the flooring will get severely damaged. However, this is due to scratches and dents. Vinyl plank flooring store in Columbus for this reason, you have to replace the floor. Well, you can either remove the damaged area or replace them with a new one. But, the replaced floor usually has seams. It is not difficult to blend natural and replacing floors. So, to have a perfect floor, you have to hire an expert or professional.


Just like other floors, vinyl plank flooring is not a perfect choice. No doubt it is resilient and waterproof. But it is not easy to repair. Once it gets damaged, you have to replace the entire floor. However, it again depends on the traffic. Last but not least, properly weigh the merits and demerits to find out if it is the right option for the bathroom or not. 

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