Provocations from Bulgaria

Iliyan cares about people and this shines through in everything he does. He started out building a name for himself in the UK, where his social venture, EZO, was named the best in London, by one of the largest cultural portals in Great Britain- Londonist. Iliyan’s creative and compassionate idea was a large independent library that worked to fight homelessness and provided free courses for the local community in one of the poorest regions of the UK- Barking.

In Bulgaria, Iliyan has been working to create multicultural bridging programmes to help the most vulnerable members of society. Part of the project was to make changes in the prison system, but the primary focus is on human trafficking, domestic violence, and gender equality. All projects under his Bulgarian NGO, Art Angel, were 100% self-financed by his business ventures in London, UK.

In the fight against domestic violence, Iliyan has been working to educate and fight against domestic violence in and outside of Bulgaria for years. Believing in the simple and universal principles of equality in all forms, access to education, housing, food, and employment, Iliyan is now leading the charge for vaccination against the deadly COVID-19 virus in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a developing country. In most other countries like Bulgaria, vaccination rates against COVID -19 are low. The sad truth is, Bulgaria has the lowest vaccination rate in all of Europe. Join the fight! Get vaccinated today. Help Iliyan Kuzmanov, author of If You Meet Buddha, Kill Him! in encouraging your friends and loved ones to get vaccinated against COVID-19 today. You can also help Iliyan fight social injustice- human trafficking, racism, homophobia, discrimination, domestic violence, and corruption while participating in active civil citizenship. Read If You Meet Buddha, Kill Him! today to learn more about Illyan’s fight and how you can do more to help.

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