Qazi Salahuddin – the legend of the national team of Bangladesh

The Bangladesh team is a team that has rarely had much success in its history. However, there were bright players in its history. By the way, go to 1xBet Bangladesh link and you can not only follow the success of this team, but also bet on every match with its participation. Therefore, everyone will have a chance to snatch the jackpot. 

If mentioning the main figures in the history of the national team, it is impossible to miss Qazi Salahuddin. He is the record holder of the team in terms of the number of games played. The forward had 27 matches on his account, where he managed to distinguish himself by scoring 9 goals.

Qazi Salahuddin made his debut for the national team in 1973. Then, the player was only 19 years old, but he quickly managed to prove that the team needed him. The forward had a good technique, was hardy, which he regularly demonstrated even in confrontations with stronger opponents.

His career in the national team lasted until 1983. Even though the player failed to win any trophies with the Bangladesh national team, he certainly left pleasant memories of himself. Unfortunately, the lack of good partners did not allow him to count on anything more than a few decent matches in the national team. By the way, go to the link for 1xBet Bangladesh and all the current national team games will be in front of you as if in the palm of your hand. This is a good opportunity to follow them and make regular predictions. 

What are the strengths of this player?

Qazi Salahuddin did not accidentally become an important player for his national team at a fairly early age. The forward is distinguished by a good speed, diligence. And if you are interested in the Bangladesh team even now, then run 1xBet app for PC and keep your hand on the pulse of current news. 

By the way, Qazi Salahuddin became a soccer official after his professional career. For several years he even headed the country’s federation.

If we talk about his playing characteristics, the strong points of the forward are considered::

  • good starting speed;
  • dribbling, thanks to which he could easily get away from almost any opponent;
  • the ability to play well on the “second floor”.

Unfortunately, due to injuries, he finished his career with the national team at the age of 29. In spite of this, his record for the number of matches played is still held to this day. Therefore, Qazi Salahuddin is fairly considered one of the main legends of soccer in Bangladesh.

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