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Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer The Best Of Quintrex Explorer Tinnies

When coming to boats, Quintrex makes the best aluminium boats. Their boats come in multiple varieties which the customer can decide on the basis of their budget and usage. One of their range is Quintrex tinnies. The Quintrex 370 Outback explorer comes under the class of Quintrex tinnies. It is a perfect fit for a fishing experience. This excellent boat is 3.8 m long with a net beam length of  1.73 m. It’s designed for a smooth riding experience and is suitable for fishing purposes. This boat is quite sturdy and gives a dry ride. It is better than any other models and makes the best of Quintrex Explorer Tinnies. 

Special Features Of  Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer

Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer is designed to give a smooth and enjoyable experience to the consumers. It runs smoothly in water and is a great pick for fishing purposes. This boat is 3.8 m long and has a long beam of 1.73 m. It is accompanied by the eclipse hull technology providing stability to the boat thus, a dry ride for the traveler. With a weight of 98 kg, this boat makes to this list. A larger beam provides extra space to store things. It’s a powerful boat offering up to 25 hp. It is capable of carrying three people. It comes with extra spacious bench seats, a front deck, rowblock blocks, transfor handles, and solid corners. It is also accompanied with a glovebox. It is a perfect boat for all the fishermen out there. With a higher deadrise, it will definitely provide a smoother ride to you. It also comes with a freeboard.

Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer Vs Other Quintrex Tinnies

This boat is more improved, enhanced and larger than other models of Quintrex Tinnies. Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer comes with a higher deadrise which means that it will give a smoother and peaceful ride. It is a perfect boat for exploring estuaries or simply going fishing. It can be used to go exploring rivers, barra and bream. It offers a seating option to three people due to its larger bench size. It also has a freeboard.


When it comes to a deciding a comfortable boat for exploring or fishing, Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer is your perfect choice. It has a a higher deadrise to goive a smooth ride. It comes with bench seats, a front deck, rowblock blocks, transfor handles, and solid corners. It offers power up to 25 hp. This boat is promised to give a dry ride. It is very much suited for fishing and exploring rivers, estuaries and crab hunting. It’s spacious and can fit three people. It’s a perfect choice for open-road adventures as it can be employed as a car topper. This boat can even be used to explore big rivers as well. Due to all these amazing features, it makes itself as the best out of all Quintrex Tinnies. 

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