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Ravishing Lighting Ideas To Kick Away The Winter Blues

Winter is almost here, and so is the gloom that accompanies the harsh season every year. While most of you might not be aware of this, there is a reason why you slack off so much during the winter months. Studies show that winter might be responsible for a minor drop in your serotonin levels, mostly due to the lack of lighting in the season. The days are shorter this season, and the exposure to sun goes down really quickly too. 

You might be familiar with one of the most common terms used in winter, Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD that affects our day-to-day functioning in the cold season and it is a slightly more logical explanation to the winter gloom. But even the people not suffering from SAD do feel something very similar. The only way to counter something like this is to give your decor an intricate touch of lighting. Use every kind of light you can find this season, as more lights your living space flaunts, the warmer it becomes and thats just perfect to give you the boost you’ve sought for a long time. With a million designs out there, it can become slightly confusing and overwhelming to choose te right ones for your space.  Now, take a look at everything you can do for your space.

Infuse that old school charm with candles

Lighting up a candle has multiple benefits. Not only does it enhance the ambience of your space but also adds warmth to your decor, literally and figuratively. Candles can be used for both phototherapy and aromatherapy if your candles are scented. Candles can beautifully blend into your decor and effortlessly bring the best out of your living space. 

Pair the candles up with the glow of your table lamps, floor lamps and more and enjoy the warmth in the space. You can also use other lighting designs like LED strip lights, LED candles and more to accentuate the aesthetic value of your space and also boost your mood up whenever you really need it. 

Deck up your decor with some decorative lights 

While candles and LED decorative lights are good solutions, they’re still low intensity fixtures and are merely a temporary solution. What you need is an overhead lighting design to add a distinct touch to your decor and light up your living space like nothing else. All you need to take care of is that the lighting designs don’t create a shadow in the space and are not too glary as that can prove to be slightly uncomfortable. 

You can always go for designs like ceiling lights or chandeliers for the space. Go for pendant lights if you’re looking for something less intense but equally warm. 

Home decor for the finishing touches

Home decor can add an intriguing yet unique touch to your living space and make your decor much more engaging than you think. It not only positively affects your mood but makes your living space much more appealing too. 

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