Reasons to Enjoy Vaping Without Nicotine

Choosing your nicotine level is one of the best features of vapes. There’s even a version with no nicotine! It’s not uncommon for people who use e-cigarettes to stop smoking or to overcome their dependence on nicotine to begin by gradually weaning themselves off of it. However, even after quitting smoking, some people continue to vape without nicotine. Afterwards, there are many that utilize both nicotine and non-nicotine juice. Finally, there are vapers who use CBD vape pens and have never used nicotine at all. 

Non-nicotine vapes come in a wide variety, and there are many good reasons to go with one of them. 

  • Eliminate the dangers of nicotine addiction. 

When it comes to e-liquide sans nicotine, the contents are nearly typically made of food-grade materials. If you’re concerned about e-liquid spills or bottles ending up in the hands of the wrong people, zero nicotine e-liquid would offer no known danger.. You may be allergic to some of the components, but this is a risk that comes with any allergy, not exclusive to vaping. 

  • Disposable Vaporizer with CBD 

If you’re looking for a pax 3 CBD vape pen that’s easy to carry around, look no further! 100 mg of utmost purity pharmaceutical-grade CBD isolate is contained in each vape. Quality and uniformity are ensured by a third-party laboratory. A variety of fruity and tangy candy flavours, such as mango and blue razz, can be found.

If there are other vapes in the vicinity that contain nicotine or other medications, it’s especially important to keep all of those without nicotine out of the reach of children and dogs. You definitely don’t want to mix up these two! Remember that even if nicotine is not harmful, it does not mean that inhaling it is completely risk-free. Those are two whole different issues. 

  • Non-addictive nicotine-free vapes are available. 

In an e-cigarette that has 0 mg of nicotine, there is no addictive chemical. 

It’s a straightforward fact. There is a greater risk of addiction if you use nicotine as your primary drug of choice. And this isn’t even like decaffeinated coffee, when the caffeine is just partially removed from the beverage. Vapes contain nicotine as an ingredient. Essential, yet optional. 

Regardless of whether the e-juice contains nicotine or not, the FDA mandated labelling allows just two labels. 

This is all there is to it: 

  • Nicotine is found in this product. Nicotine has a high potential for abuse. 
  • Tobacco is used to make this product. 
  • Those aren’t pranks! Neither of these claims is true for non-nicotine e-liquid. As well as confusing and deceptive to the end user. The large disclaimer on your e-liquid can make it difficult for you to convince your wife that you’ve given up smoking. 

Non-nicotine e-liquid is not made from tobacco and does not contain nicotine, notwithstanding the occasional mislabeling and manufacturing errors that can occur in any sector. As a result, it isn’t addictive, no matter how it’s marketed. 

  • Stop smoking yet continue to vape. 

Users who are still discovering their limitations are more prone than others to mistakenly go overboard when it comes to nicotine consumption. If you don’t mind feeling dizzy, this is a bad feeling. It can make you feel groggy, euphoric, buzzing, or just plain nauseous for a short period of time. Even though your body is screaming “no more nicotine,” you still want to vape. 

There is zero nicotine in the e-liquid. Nada! You can continue to vape while taking a complete break from your system with 0 mg juice. Inhale less nicotine by taking more hits. 

vape shop Oceanside has spoken to a surprising number of vapers who report that vaping helps them curb their unhealthy snacking habits. Not vaping itself, but avoiding mindless eating could be advantageous to your health, depending on your situation. 

To put it another way, ask a diabetic vaper what it’s like to vape flavours that they can’t eat. In addition, nicotine isn’t necessary to reap the benefits. It is safe to say that vaping sweet flavours without nicotine can satisfy sugar cravings. Vaping nicotine-free e-liquid carries certain unknown hazards, but the harmful effects of sugar on the human body are well-documented. 

  • Cigarette-free e-liquids are frequently marked down. 

Non-nicotine e-liquid does not sell as well as nicotine-based e-liquid in the marketplace. That’s why you’ll commonly find it in discount bins at vape shops. 

Buy that cheap bottle of nic-free juice that caught your eye even if you prefer vaping with nicotine. It’s even more important if you currently vape low-strength juice It’s possible to buy a second bottle of the same taste and mix the two together if you wind up like the flavour but want nicotine. 

Buy that flavour at 6 mg/mL again if you regularly vape at 3 mg/mL and you bought a discounted bottle of 0 mg/mL. You’ll receive 3 mg/mL if you mix equal amounts of both of them. Bullseye! This is a fantastic way to save money. It’s possible that you might get two bottles for the price of one if the discount on the zero nic was extremely low. I’ve seen dollar-a-bottle zero nic in large bottles. 

  • Smoother nicotine-free e-liquids 

When you inhale nicotine, you can feel it. As well as feeling the effects of nicotine on your body and mind, you can also feel the effects on your throat. “Throat hit” is the term for this. There is a feeling of being thumped in the throat or chest. Even though it’s a cherished sensation for many vapers, it’s a disliked one by others. Vaping nicotine-free e-liquid is pleasant and barely noticeable. The flavour, warmth, and cloud production are all still available, but the throat-tingling effects of nicotine are absent. 

You’ll be able to choose from a wider range of possibilities. 

There are alternatives to nicotine e-liquid and even nicotine-free e-liquid that can be vaporised. The vape pens used to deliver CBD and other cannabis products are virtually identical to those used to deliver nicotine-laced vape pens. Legal herbs and botanicals can also be vaporised. 

What makes vapes unique is not just what goes into them, but what doesn’t go into them at all. PG/VG and flavourings make up the majority of CBD vape juice. CBD-free e-juice is the same thing as nicotine-free e-juice. Same PG/VG ratios and tastes. Contrary to popular belief, CBD vape juice is nothing more than another nicotine-free vaping option. 

There are a wide variety of goods available to you if you’re able to get past the concept that vaping is always associated with nicotine. Just use common sense and avoid items that promise miracle cures with exaggerated health advantages.

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