Reasons why OnePlus mobile is more popular in India?

It has been seen that the Indians are opting for OnePlus mobile phones. The new trend has shown that the brand has side-tracked another mobile giant Apple. There are some reasons for which the OnePlus mobile has gained this fame. 

One – OnePlus Gives A Sense Of Power

Customers don’t want a powerful logo any longer. Instead, they want a powerful handset which premium features. This is why the OnePlus 5G mobile phone has succeeded in becoming so famous. They have successfully given the customers a sense of power. 

Two – The Appeal

Research has shown that the OnePlus mobile comes with a youth appeal. This handset already has a customer base. The age group ranges from 25 to 35. Apple is a preferred brand of mature customers.

Three – Improved Specification

OnePlus has improved the specification. With time it has succeeded in attracting the attention of mature customers as well. All of a sudden, OnePlus is eyeing the 40+ age group. Recently OnePlus has jumped up in status and became a premium brand in India. 

Four – Speed

The need for speed is increasing with time. Customers want faster phones. OnePlus has fulfilled this demand. The brand has launched phones with faster operation and connectivity. OnePlus 5G mobile phones are capturing the market fast due to this reason.

Five – Premium Features

Customers who pay more than Rs 50,000 for a phone expect an upgraded handset with premium features. OnePlus has improved its features to stay in the competition. It is clear from their latest launch that the brand intends to compete with mobile giants like Samsung and Apple. From Wireless charging to AR/VR, the brand has made everything possible for mobile users.

Six – Display

While there is no doubt that Apple provides a fantastic display to support an upgraded viewing experience, OnePlus brings a bigger screen to win over the customers. The screen size matters because the majority of mobile users use their phones to read, watch movies, and play games.

Seven – Price

Of course, OnePlus features a slightly lower price than Apple. It is one of the reasons why – this brand has gained such popularity in India.

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