Regulatory Consulting Services for Cosmetics, Food and Beverages

Every day, our lives seem awash in products. Sometimes there are so many that it’s impossible to know which one is the right choice when there’s such a wide range of options available. What if you could just readily ask yourself questions like “Is this sunscreen vegan? Is it organic?” instead of going through the tedious process of searching the internet on your own? 

What is Regulatory Consulting Services?

Regulatory Consulting Services is a form of consulting that can help companies manufacturing cosmetics, food and beverages to develop and interpret strategies. Regulatory Consulting Services provide a firm bridge between commerce and law. As such, it allows companies to understand the policies of certain regulatory institutions in order to support their activities in the local market. Some examples include: violation assessments assists in solving violations of a company’s specifications, product authorization and registration, translations, creating new polices, staff training programs designed to ensure compliance evaluation, guidance on drafting packers execution directives.

Why do you need regulatory consulting services?

You may be skeptical about whether you could use regulatory consulting services for your business. But no matter what industry you are in, it is never too late to find out how this service is beneficial. When you are made to understand how useful consulting services can be, you will see that many businesses see results that show a decreased cost of goods and increased compliance with safety laws like an increase in the amount of compliant product units sold or an improved punctuality of deliveries.

Types of regulatory consultant work

Food is a lifestyle, and while it involves many aspects of health as well as taste, nearly everyone has made the choice to try healthier choices or to tailor a diet that fits their specific needs. At times, it can seem like earning your living in food would be simply too saturated with competition so when it comes to finding a new way to go about your career, what are the best options? In terms of types of regulatory consultants, there are the following including: 

Cosmetics Consulting – Cosmetic consultants provide consultations on selections of products ranging from color cosmetics and fake tanning lotions to medical-grade perfume oils; 

Foods Testing Consultants – Food testing consultants provide specialty analysis at home or abroad for chemicals, performance tests for raw materials and ingredients

How big is the cosmetics industry in terms of volume?

Guinness World Records has estimated that the cosmetic market alone is worth over 3.2 trillion US dollars in total yearly consumption – this figure doesn’t account for ancillary sectors such as healthcare and home care, where cosmetics are often used as a key ingredient. The global cosmetics industry is measured in 2018 to be valued at $057.6 billion. The total volume of the global market is estimated to be approximately $41 billion with the U.S. taking up 74% or approximately $31 billion while other major players account for the remaining 26%.

Foods with preservatives and labelling laws

Regulatory consulting is a rapidly growing niche in the food industry, driven by demand for expertise leading up to those global food production regulations. The food and cosmetic industries go through significant changes as a result of legislation, United States regulations, and supplementary labelling requirements. This has resulted in a steady influx of regulatory consulting company requests rather than primary clients seeking their services.


The FDA and FTC have been the stepmothers of small businesses, who often feel their business has been invisible to them. After a long wait for action on any level of government, it is apparent that there is renewed interest in helping small, emerging entrepreneurs through cost-effective regulatory consulting services.


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