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Remedies For Arthritis Relief At Home

Arthritis is a chronic condition that many people around the world suffer from, and traditional medications are always effective at relieving the painful symptoms of arthritis. Luckily, there are many home remedies that people have been using to improve their symptoms, and they are highly effective. Here are the best remedies we could find. 


Hot Tubs Were Made For Arthritis

Long before the invention of affordable blow up hot tubs, the first modern hot tub with a whirlpool pump was invented by the Jacuzzi brothers when one of their children was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The hot water and gentle massaging action from the water jets have been proven both scientifically and anecdotally to be highly effective at alleviating the painful symptoms of arthritis, regardless of the type. If you don’t own a hot tub, try soaking in a bathtub full of hot water, which should give you some relief – although it won’t be as effective due to the absence of the jets. 

Turmeric Is An Anti-Inflammatory Spice

The main mechanism with which arthritis works to cause pain is inflammation, and most drugs that are used to treat the condition aim to reduce inflammation in order to relieve the patient from pain. Turmeric is a spice traditionally used in Indian cuisine, and has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. Some people take capsules of turmeric (which can be purchased from a pharmacy or health food shop), but you can easily just add the spice to your diet. If you’re unsure how to use it, look up Indian recipes and you’ll likely come across it. Don’t worry about flavor because it is used more for its aroma and color because it does not impart a strong flavor to dishes. If you aren’t keen on trying Indian cuisine, you can always find a recipe for turmeric tea, or add it to milk. The beauty of this remedy is that there is no harm in trying it because you can’t “overdose” on turmeric – there are no adverse side effects of increased turmeric consumption.


Capsaicin: The Burning Sensation From Chili Peppers

Everyone is probably familiar with the burning sensation we get from consuming spicy chili peppers. The truth is, we do not take the heat, but it is actually our pain receptors that are activated with capsaicin consumption. Studies have shown that its use topically on arthritic joints can help because the chemicals that transmit pain are used up. You can buy capsaicin patches at a pharmacy, or create your own with chili paste. Just keep in mind that if you use very spicy peppers, your skin may have a reaction to it. Test it on a small area first because applying patches of chili paste on your joints. You should only handle chili with gloves to avoid accidentally touching your eyes (or any other sensitive area) with chili on your hands. The smallest amount in your eyes can be very painful.


The aforementioned home remedies for arthritis are used by people all over the world to relieve their symptoms without medical intervention. If you’re worried, consult with your doctor before starting any home remedy.

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