Republican Consultant Cooper’s Denial but The Leaked Photo Says Otherwise

Scott Cooper Miami Beach is obstinate that the picture that was leaked showing him targeting an ice penis towards the groin of a mannequin is just a snapshot taken from an unfortunate direction. Cooper spends spare time as a sous barbeque chef and denies that the photo is not what it looks. He was throwing a huge ice slab when someone captured the moments wrongly and posted it online. 

The photo has gone viral in the political circles of Florida since the Memphis competition held in May. Even if the image was deleted at Scott Cooper’s request, there are many of his enemies in Tallahassee making attempts to tarnish his reputation. 

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Scott Cooper Miami Beach tells the New Times that the photo was captured by his barbeque teammate. It was an ice luge that was melted, so he picked it to throw over the fence. His BBQ teammate took the photo from an odd angle and felt it looked funny, so he shared it online. The teammate was not aware of the repercussion this snapshot would bring around. 

Scott Cooper Miami Beach and his barbeque team ‘Swinos’ has a slogan on their Twitter account – ‘Getting it moist and keeping it there. This slogan is naught, which seems to be forced evidence that Cooper is an ice penis go-getter. Half of the teammates’ names are sophomoric and stupid sex puns associated with BBQ – for example, the last year’s winners list reads ‘Pork me baby’, ‘too sauced to pork’, and ‘Dirk Pigglers porkographic BBQ’. The names seem gross and hilarious. 

Generally, Cooper enjoys his off-hours task as a competitive grill master. He claims that his teammates are the ones responsible for his current snapshot trouble. Cooper was at the May World Championship BBQ cooking contest in Memphis, which is the huge pork barbeque competition. As a cook, Cooper was possibly running round humping ice penis towards everything he encountered. 

He was busy cooking BBQ with his teammate in his zone. The Swinos were winners among 1 million teams, which came to compete from all around the world. No one can win the first prize if they are humping ice penis rather than cooking meat. Scott Cooper Miami Beach left the pit to hurl across the fence. You can see the front of the tent in this snapshot. A teammate took the picture and as soon as he saw the photo sensed the fun and like a teenager posted it. 

Did Scott Copper Miami Beach do the ice penis thingy? Is it possible, when he spent a lot of time cooking at the BBQ Festival and winning? It is impossible! It is possibly a rash candid picture taken by Cooper’s dumb friend, who thought it was humorous and posted it on the internet. Tallahassee consultant Cooper worked for Gov. Rick Scott for years digging dirt on the Gov. political enemies. With so many genuine scandals associated with elected officials, he says that someone is trying to create a misdirected narrative to tarnish the reputation of a political consultant. 


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